The New TTT Knievel from REC Watches is Pure Americana

Evel Knievel, born Robert Craig Knievel, was an American daredevil and cultural icon known for his audacious motorcycle jumps and stunts during the 1960s and 1970s. Born on October 17, 1938, in Butte, Montana, Knievel gained fame for his death-defying feats, often performed on customized motorcycles. His signature jumps included attempts over buses, cars, and even the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Knievel’s larger-than-life persona and fearless spirit captured the public’s imagination, making him a household name. Despite numerous injuries and crashes, Knievel’s tenacity and showmanship contributed to his status as a legendary figure in the world of extreme sports and entertainment.

In an effort to retain the magic that was Knievel’s daredevil tricks, Danish brand REC Watches has released their TTT KNIEVEL. With only 736 pieces in total production, this watch is limited edition for one very special reason. Inside each of the KNIEVEL timepieces, a portion of the original handlebar clutch levers from the XR750, the final stunt bike used by Evel Knievel during his famous “Shark Jump” stunt in 1977, has been reforged for a new life. The little star at the 12 o’clock mark? Yeah, that’s pure Evel.

With this watch, one is truly owning a piece of American history. While the subject matter here is playing on events of a bygone era, the watch itself is in line with much of the contemporary design language we all have come to appreciate from REC. The 316L stainless steel case sits right around 43mm in diameter and features wire lugs modeled after the exhaust pipes on Knievel’s bike. The dial is fully skeletonized, allowing one to fully appreciate the internal mechanisms, including the customized Sellita caliber SW200-1 Sb movement. An additional party trick is that the dial can be rotated 30 degrees via a slider integrated at the crown, going from “RIDE” to “DRESS” mode.

The blue and red stripes are a nod to Evel’s signature style while his “1” in an American flag motif is printed at 6:00. The exhibition caseback also features Knievel’s signature for an added touch of commemoration for the man known as “The King of the Daredevils,” which can also be found printed at the top of the dial.

The TTT KNIEVEL is available now via REC Watches’ website for $1,950. Be quick if you’re interested in this limited-edition watch – more than 400 have already been claimed.

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