The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Goes Full Bronze

Oris has expanded their bronze Big Crown Pointer Date collection with the addition of a full bronze bracelet. The Big Crown Pointer Date has flirted with bronze in recent years with bezels and cases, but the latest examples go all in on the alloy with a full bronze 7-link bracelet that pairs nicely with the classic Pointer Date design while recalling bracelet executions of the past. Four dial colors are presented on launch, making this a pretty robust collection right out of the gate. 

The new Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze receives a 40mm case housing the Oris 754, which is a base Sellita SW-200. The gentle case profile works as well as we’ve seen with prior models of the BCPD, and the new bracelet has plenty of articulation points thanks to the 5 inner links, creating a natural flow around the wrist. Being bronze, it will gain some character with age, which may cause friction between the links if not properly cleaned or cared for over time.


Four dial colors are being offered here, each bringing a distinctive look to the warm bronze. The colors are green, brown, bordeaux and blue – which sound pretty straightforward, but as we’ve seen with other Oris watches, bring their own flavor and personality. The green, for instance, ventures a touch toward teal without ever crossing that line entirely. Each invite a closer look and will reveal different qualities in varying light. 

In total, the look of the new watches with the bronze bracelet feels a bit old school. The narrow center links, coin edge bezel, and cathedral hands all combine to create a formal ornate quality that feels of another era. Of course, the Big Crown Pointer Date has been in production in some form or another since the late ‘30s, and that somehow comes through here. 

The new watches are regular production models and will be priced at $2,600, and each are also available on a leather strap for $2,100. The full bronze bracelet makes for a welcome addition to the rapidly growing Big Crown Pointer Date collection, and they work beautifully with the rich Oris dial colors. The new collection will be available to order and ship from this month. Oris.

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