The Supernova Leads The Way For Bremont’s Next Generation

Bremont has most certainly evolved within its 20 years of existence. It feels like it was only yesterday when founders Nick and Giles English started the brand that at its core, was (and still is) inspired by the history, curiosity and adventurous spirit of aviation. From afar, I’ve enjoyed Bremont’s growth in design and their ability to integrate different people into the brand including Laird Hamilton, Jason Fox and Kristin Harila to name a few, that represents their constant need to explore and to push the boundaries of what their watches are capable of. Fast forward to 2021, Bremont introduced the world to their first in-house movement with the ENG300 series and finally opened its doors to “The Wing”, fulfilling their goal of bringing watchmaking back to Britain.

To celebrate this momentous anniversary, Bremont has announced three new collections that house a couple of upgraded movements within their ENG300 series. The Fury embodies the aviation spirit with its big crown and pilot’s watch dial. The Audley is a handsome contemporary dress watch that maintains Bremont’s case design language and Trip-Tick case construction. The Bremont Supernova, represents what “The Wing” is actually capable of as far as innovation and pushing their designs forward, which will ultimately become the next generation of Bremont watches.


This Bremont Supernova is not your average “Bremont”. Visually, it separates itself from the current range of mostly vintage inspired designs and is a leap into a more contemporary design direction. The Trip-Tick case, which has now become a calling card for the brand, totally gets revamped in the Supernova. The three-piece case is sleeker visually with an intricate combination of brushed and polished finish, as well as in its build. Viewing the Supernova from the top, there are no lugs to be found visually, and just a case that seamlessly transitions into the integrated bracelet. That said, a side profile reveals the signature curved underside of the lugs, which is a welcomed design touch that keeps some of the Bremont’s traditional features. The distinct features continue with the polished transition from the bezel to the case. It somehow blends the angular nature of the outer case with the round shape of the fixed bezel.

Another surprising feature here is the integrated bracelet. Yup, you read that correctly. Bremont has an integrated steel sports watch. Saying that out loud actually sounds weird, but in a cool way knowing the certain type of watch we’ve come to expect from the brand over the past 20 years. The integrated bracelet sports a T-link construction with brushed finishing and polished facets. Each link articulates between two smaller rectangular links and is secured by a butterfly deployant clasp with the Bremont propeller logo at the center of it all.

There are three models that are available through the Supernova collection – Pitch Black, Albus White, and Midnight Blue. Each has a layered dial that displays the hour markers atop a textured ring and a smoother center where the hands sword hands are anchored. The Pitch Black and Albus White variants use applied Arabic numerals with polished surrounds to demarcate the hour markers. The Midnight Blue forgoes the numerals for slim trapezoidal markers. The tribute to aviation design makes an appearance once again in the form of a power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock that takes after a fuel gauge that one might see in the cockpit of an aircraft.

Powering the Bremont Supernova is the ENG375. This movement is a progression of the ENG300 series that was first introduced through their limited edition Longitude Collection. The ENG375 is equipped with a Silicone escape wheel, a free sprung hair spring equipped with an inertia weight time balance and boasts 65 hours of power reserve. Also with this movement, we get a double date wheel with the “big date” feature at 3 o’clock.

The Bremont Supernova is a representation of the next wave of Bremont watches. As “The Wing” continues to take flight, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more watches that step a bit outside the box for Bremont and overall will cater to a wider audience. If a modern, distinct steel 40mm case, an integrated bracelet and an in-house movement is any indication of what’s to come from the brand in future, there’s a lot to be excited about.

The Bremont Supernova retails for $8,995. Stay tuned to Bremont for more information about the release of the Supernova, as well as the Fury and Audley Collection. Bremont

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