The Three Watch Collection for $5,000: Reader Edition – Chris Antzoulis

Editor’s note: This 3 watch collection for $5,000 is brought to us by Chris Antzoulis, who you may know on Instagram as @PoppingCrowns, who gives us a well reasoned, and well diversified trio of watches that aren’t short on personality. We love the mix of tones and colors, as well as the subtle details that remain to be discovered. 

You can make your submission to the Three Watch Collection – Reader Edition by filling out the form right here.

What was the most embarrassing phase of your life? Think about it…but, I’ll go first. I was (and still am on the inside) an emo kid. I listened to Yellowcard and Saves the Day, played in a band called Autumn’s Disaster (a disaster indeed), wore all black all the time and applied my mom’s eyeliner before playing shows. I wanted to highlight the heartbreak. Adult Chris has gained some perspective. In order to see color we have to embody it in a purposeful way. I view watches as an extension of my personality, and an intentional piece of an outfit’s design (my favorite piece). I’m no outdoorsman. My dive watches are lucky to see a pool, field watches would be perplexed by a hike up a mountain, and if you tell me you use your chronograph for more than just timing things in the kitchen for funsies, then I dub you a liar and a scoundrel!  I don’t NEED tools; I am capable of being enough of one on my own, to then also have to wear one on the wrist. Joke’s aside, my choices for a three-watch collection under $5000 are rooted in color and self-expression. 


The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 42mm. – $995

Ironic, I know. After my grand stand for vibrance and making a statement, I lay the dark and creamy Murph on ya — but hear me out. The Murph is one of the centerpieces in my personal collection because it goes with absolutely everything, and is a fit for most situations. That dark and dirty drawer that we all have — NO, not that one, you pervs — the one that is exploding with 100 watch straps. Well, half the straps in that drawer I bought for the Murph. The Murph is rugged enough with its field watch aesthetic to wear casually, yet on the right strap it would look wonderful with a suit. You can put a wild strap on to make it your statement piece, or you can leave it understated and call attention to something else; with this watch you can steer the conversation. To put my money where my mouth is, I purchased the new 38mm version for my best friend that’s getting married. I knew it would be his first watch, and I wanted to buy him something he could wear all the time, including (and most importantly) to his own wedding.

Studio Underd0g Watermel0n – $600

I recently ordered this watch and I’m counting down the days for Richard Benc (brand owner) to ship it out. If you forced me to choose a microbrand watch that I would call “an icon” it would be the SU Watermel0n. The dial design is fun and engaging, in color and layout, and immense playfulness — watermelon seeds included. This watch had my attention from the moment I saw it, and after having the great fortune of attending the Windup Watch Fair in NYC 2022, I was able to try it on. Anyone that sees you wearing this watch will immediately know one thing about you — that you’re a gosh darn hoot and a half! I have pink sneakers and green hats that I’m pairing it with in my mind as I type this out. **gets lost in thought** As the kids say, I’m gonna be so wet with drip that we’re gonna need a mop! They say that, right?

Oris Diver Sixty-Five Bronze Blue Cotton Candy on bracelet – $2900

Because why the heck not?! Like many Oris watches, the cotton candy divers have color and character out the wazoo. The vibrance of the baby blue dial against what will become the dull, warm, brown of the bronze case just adds to the visual pop of this piece. You also have the added bonus of 100m water resistance to round out the collection with something slightly sporty, and for those folks obsessed with having watches they can find Nemo in.  

Hmm…I have $505 left. Call me Augustus Gloop, because I want to go back for seconds. Crack open the giant gum-ball machine of vintage inspired Casios and grab a handful!

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