The Three Watch Collection for $5,000: Reader Edition – Thor R.

Editor’s note: In this 3 Watch Collection for $5,000, reader Thor R. isn’t afraid to get away from the well beaten path. These watches offer a unique perspective on collecting, and come to the conclusion that you can indeed find a healthy variety within the confines of a similar genres.

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I appreciate high quality, but I also value understated style. My collection is striking, but not gaudy or too blingy. I don’t get many compliments or comments, but when I do, they’re always from “watch people” , not fashionistas. Looking to add one more big boy later in life, but for now, this is great. Bear in mind, these were all purchased north of the 49th parallel at either the manufacturer or the closest AD, so I’m guessing/converting to USD.


Sinn U1 ds – $2,300

Always loved the face, and the grind dial aspect with grey and white colouring spoke to me. I have # 440/500. This is my primary EDC as it’s easy to read, looks great with everything, and is highly trustworthy. Like me, it’s ugly yet effective. 

Marathon Red maple leaf JSAR – $1,200

I love the true tactical vibe of this watch. As you can tell, I like big heavy watches, and watches that are legitimately used for purpose. As a Canadian, it’s also nice to support a Canadian company that produces great quality, highly durable timepieces. This thing is a tank, and survived a nasty fall down a flight of concrete stairs (15). My wrist didn’t survive, but this thing kept right on going. 

Tissot Powermatic 80 COSC  – $1,200

The visual simplicity of this watch is beautiful. It’s also extremely comfortable to wear, even though it does look small as heck on my 8 7/8″ wrist. While I don’t wear this often, I will always have it, and look forward to passing down my collection to my son at some point. Just, not yet.

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