November 17, 2023
The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 Returns in Two New Colors
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Last year we launched the Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 limited editions. Our first collaboration with the iconic brand, the retro-styled design was well received. A riff on a case from the 70s that had only been used with a quartz movement, we changed up the dial adding color and texture, added brushed finishing and polished bevels for a little jujj, and most importantly, a manual wound mechanical movement. The watch, a hybrid of new and old, felt like a great representation of what we wanted in a Timex with Worn & Wound’s name on the case back. So, we’ve made another batch.

The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 V2 takes the same successful platform but pursues a new palette for a different overall feel. Before we get to what’s new, let’s look at what has remained the same. The case was the element that inspired the whole concept to begin with, so it’s unchanged. A 37mm x 43mm stainless steel case with 20mm lugs, it’s 12.7mm tall, including a massive and charming domed acrylic crystal.

Perfectly sized for all wrists, it looks right out of a catalog from the 70s. Stout lugs with squared ends flow beautifully around the case for a classic barrel shape. Circular graining and polished bevels accentuate the shape and bring refinement. The small crown at three provides enough grip to wind the mechanical movement inside, a very important aspect of the watch.

While we love a good quartz watch, of which Timex makes plenty, there is just something special about a hand-wound mechanical timepiece. Daily winding adds to the connection we feel with our timepieces. It’s a ritual that becomes part of the pleasure of owning the watch. Take care of them, keep them wound, and they’ll get you where you need to go on time. Additionally, the gently sweeping hand has an undeniable grace.

For the dials, we kept the same basic overall layout as last year’s, but changed up the colors dramatically, creating new, stylish personalities. To review the design, the dials feature a combination of colors and textures in a concentric array. At the center is a region with a waffle texture, immediately bringing some mid-century style that plays off of the case. Encircling it is a ring in a contrasting color creating two distinct regions. Applied indices cross from one to the other for visual flow, adding an element of classic elegance. A rotating set of numerals for the minutes/seconds brings it back to the casual.

For the new colors, we leaned in two different but related directions. The first is a balancing act of blues. A light but confident blue fills in the center of the dial, adding depth to the waffle texture. A dark blue ring frames this area, with lines of light blue breaking in to create an index. Applied markers cross the boundary from one to another accented with pink and blue paint. Dark blue hour and minute hands with pink fill stand off the backdrop while the seconds hand is a white stick with a bright teal tip.

The second dial takes the pale pink highlights from the first and uses it as an unexpected base. A subtle color, it appears just a few shades warmer and more red than white, rather than a bold pink. Used at the center of the dial, it complements the texture and blue numerals. A white border keeps the dial light and airy. Teal minute markers add energy and legibility. The applied markers feature dark red paint at the polar positions with white paint highlights in between. Bold teal is used for the hour and minute hands to ensure visibility.

A duo that could easily be alternated based on one’s mood or outfit, the blue or pink options provide different attitudes within the same platform. Both classic and handsome, if different, and looking great with casual attire, but can be dressed up as well. For this year’s versions, we’ve gone with a steel mesh bracelet for the strap. A refined element, it adds a luxurious aesthetic and works towards the versatility of the design overall.

The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 V2s are limited to 500 per color and priced at $239. They are available now through the Windup Watch Shop and will begin shipping November 20.

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November 17, 2023