The Windup Watch Fair is Almost Here! A Full Breakdown of Everything to See and Experience in SF Next Weekend…

Now in its ninth year, and fourth in San Francisco, the Windup Watch Fair has become a fixture of the San Francisco watch community. Every April, enthusiasts, collectors, and newbies alike gather to shop and talk watches—and this year, there are even more events to participate in! Not only are there over 60 brands to check out at the Fair, we have for the first time in SF, a full slate of FREE panels and programming. We’ve put together a full rundown of special events below, but first, let’s remind everyone of the basics.

As always, the Windup Watch Fair is free and open to the public. We’re able to offer this open access with the support of our presenting partners and, most importantly, our Lead Sponsors. This year’s Lead Sponsors include Accutron, Christopher Ward, Fortis, Oris, and Zodiac. All of these brands will have a significant presence within the Fair, with dynamic booth spaces and special events.

We’re also beyond excited to be joined by over 60 presenting brands this year, which is double the size of last year’s events. The full roster of brands includes:

And as a reminder, the event location and hours are as follows:

Terra Gallery – 511 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Friday, April 28: 12PM – 6PM
Saturday, April 29: 12PM – 6PM
Sunday, April 30: 12PM – 5PM

Throughout the days, attendees can expect food trucks, a full cash bar, dedicated lounge spaces, outdoor space, as well as sponsored giveaways from Bespoke Watch Project and Filson. Now, onto a full rundown of the many live events taking place throughout the Fair weekend.

Friday, April 28th

1:30 PM: Changing Gears Podcast – LIVE!

Kat Shoulders, Media Production Manager at Worn & Wound, invites an amazing guest on her new podcast, Changing Gears, where she delves into the gear that accompanies our watches. Photographer Zach Piña joins Kat for a live podcast recording where they go deep on tips, tricks, and hints around the art of one-bag travel.

3:00 PM: Making Haute Horology for the Many with Christopher Ward

Breaking new creative ground opening doors for new solutions for brands at more approachable price points. Worn & Wound Cofounder Zach Weiss leads an in-depth discussion with Mike France, CEO of Christopher Ward on how the Bel Canto has helped change the game in the world of affordable high-end complications.

5:00 PM: VERO Happy Hour with Movie and Performance

VERO Watch Company was established in 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Being watch collectors themselves, they wanted to throw their hat in the ring to challenge the assumptions that a well made watch had to be bland and unaffordable. Vero is premiering their new film, Katabatic Flight, at Windup Watch Fair followed by a live set by American singer-songwriter Matt Costa. Join us for a happy hour while we send off the first day of the Windup Watch Fair!

Saturday, April 29th

1:00 PM: Worn & Wound Podcast – LIVE!

Join a sampling of the Worn & Wound team for a live look at the state of watches today, what’s stoking us out in the past year, and what excites us about the future of watches. The panel will feature Blake Buettner, Managing Editor at Worn & Wound, Zach Kazan, Associate Editor at Worn & Wound, as well as long-time enthusiast Stephen Pulvirent, Founder and Principal at Rime & Reason.

2:30 PM: It’s Not Easy Being Green with Oris

For Oris, connecting and bonding with consumers goes beyond products. Enter the Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition, a watch that explores self-care, mental health, positivity and why these concepts, outside of strictly watches, are so important to us and to Oris. Blake Buettner, Managing Editor at Worn & Wound, sits down with VJ Geronimo, CEO-The Americas at Oris, to discuss why it’s important to be green—in more ways than one—by crafting meaningful partnerships built on shared values.

4:00 PM: Advancing Watchmaking into the 21st Century with Accutron

Associate Editor Zach Kazan at Worn & Wound leads a panel of experts discussing how a historic brand like Accutron is using technology, legacy, and culture and collaborations to continue to advance watchmaking into the 21st century. Panel experts include: Richard Callamaras, Accutron Collector, and Jason Gong, Complecto Founder and CEO.

5:00 PM – Complecto Fireside Chat & Happy Hour

Complecto was founded with the goal of building an inclusive community that reflects and celebrates the true diversity of watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Founded by Jason Gong, Complecto is hosting a fireside chat and happy hour on Saturday for collectors new and old to connect about our shared passion for watches and people who wear them.

Sunday, April 30th

1:30 PM: Always Wear Your Watches with Zodiac

Kyle Snarr, Head of Partnerships at Worn & Wound, leads a conversation about putting watches through their paces in the wild. Michael Pearson, Global Brand Director for Zodiac Watches, Jonathan Ferrer, Founder of Brew Watches, and Asha Wagner, Fire Captain, adventurer, and tool-watch enthusiast, talk about experiences with the watches, how owners are using watches as inspirational artifacts to inspire new adventures and make new memories.

3:00 PM: Deconstructing Watch Categories with Fortis

Diving, Pilot, Field, or Driving watches suggest that they are made for divers, pilots and explorers, or drivers only, while the intention is the complete opposite. Why does the watch industry lean on these categories so much? Has the time come for a new way of categorizing watches? Blake Buettner, Managing Editor at Worn & Wound is joined by Andreas Bentele, Marketing Manager at Fortis Watches, as well as Bradley Price of Autodromo and Dana Li of

In addition to all this amazing programming, Windup Watch Fair attendees are encouraged to head over to the San Francisco Filson Store (772 Montgomery St) after the Fair wraps on Sunday for a send off Happy Hour and a chance to stock up on the high quality wear and EDC that makes Filson so revered among watch enthusiasts. This San Francosco Flagship Store is a 20 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride (or drive) from the Windup Watch Fair. More information about the happy hour will be available at the information desk.

That’s the works! Everyone at Worn & Wound is stoked to get these amazing brands and you amazing people together in San Francisco for another Windup Watch Fair. Get the most up-to-date information about event details, giveaways, and other surprises by following @windupwatchfair on Instagram or joining our email community at

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Blake is a co-founder of Worn & Wound. He spends most of his time focused on day-to-day operations and producing the Windup Watch Fair. You'll most often find him wearing one of Worn & Wound's Limited Edition watches.

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