Windup Watch Fair Discussions: Minase

If there were two words I’d use to describe watches of Minase, they’d be complex and nuanced. Sure, they tell the time, and yes, you can generally read them at a glance, but that’s really only the beginning of what they have to offer. They are works of industrial art combining complex finishing and construction with traditional Japanese craft. The results are a singular experience unique to the brand. Windup Watch Fair San Francisco 2022 was Minase’s first public display in the US, and the ever-present line at their booth suggests it was a success.

We sat down Sven Henriksen, the managing partner of H Development, who works with Minase on international development, sales, marketing, etc. He also manned the booth at Windup Watch Fair and is exceptionally knowledgeable about the history of the brand and its wares. He walked us through Minase’s story as well as a few of their current lines. From the 7-Windows collection, which features seven sapphires, to the elegant horizons, each watch shows a truly distinct approach to watchmaking.

Finally, we touch on Minase’s approach to utilizing traditional Japanese craftsmanship in their watch design. Many of Minase’s dials are made by artisans using Urushi lacquer and marketry techniques to create elaborate patterns and motifs. Each is an immense undertaking, adding a level of workmanship that is hard to find in modern watches. If you didn’t make it out to SF, no worries, Minase will return at the Windup Watch Fairs in Chicago and New York, 2022. Minase

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