Timex Announces their Fall Slate of Peanuts Themed Watches

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Wearing a watch with a cartoon character on the dial is something many enthusiasts remember fondly from their childhood. I’ve met many collectors who still hang on to those first watches with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck on the dial – a cherished memory before a time when eBay and WatchRecon alerts ruled our collecting lives, and divisive debates about date windows and the addition and subtraction of millimeters from a case made social media nearly intolerable. These character watches are critic proof in a way, because the knock against them – that they’re unserious or old-fashioned – is exactly why they’re appealing to some segments of the collecting community. They’re also, naturally, a great entry point children. 

Timex has had a long association with Peanuts, and for the 70th anniversary of the comic strip, the classic American watchmaking company is going all out, with no less than 13 watches in the pipeline featuring Snoopy on the dial. Let’s break them down. 

The Peanuts 70th Anniversary Collection Timex Q

First up is the formal Peanuts 70th Anniversary Collection, a series of four watches, each with a commemorative caseback calling out 70 years of Peanuts. The collection consists of a Marlin Automatic, a Q, and two renditions of the Timex Standard, all with likenesses of Snoopy and/or Charlie Brown on the dial. This collection is a nice representation of the current breadth of Timex offerings, including a trendy, retro-inspired quartz piece, a versatile mechanical watch that’s also inspired by the past, and the Standard, an affordable ($99) quartz watch with a timeless and clean design. The Q and Marline automatic will sell for $189 and $249, respectively, and all four watches will be available from Timex this month. 

The Peanuts 70th Anniversary Collection Marlin Automatic
One of two Peanuts 70th Anniversary Collection Timex Standards
Another Peanuts 70th Anniversary Collection Timex Standard

But that’s not nearly all – if you’re a Peanuts collector, you’re likely to have a busy fall, or at least will be required to make some tough decisions as the releases continue to roll out. October brings us the Automatic Collection, featuring Snoopy and Woodstock on the dials of a pair of Marlin Automatics.

October’s Marlin Automatic releases

In November, the M79 Automatic gets a variant with Snoopy as the Masked Marvel, and holiday watches will roll out between September and December, with dials devoted to scenes of Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all in the guise of the Timex Standard. 

Peanuts has proven to be a pretty durable property over the decades, and the holiday themed TV specials are still a yearly watch for many. That’s the kind of nostalgia that watches like these tap into. While the Timex Standard might not be an enthusiast’s choice, if you can imagine receiving one of these as a gift as a child, you can also see how products like these can grow the hobby. Timex

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