Timex Goes Retro with the Funky World Time 1972

Looking at the state of airplanes and travel fashion today, you’d be forgiven if you forgot that air travel was once seen as glamorous. Like the luxury sleeper trains that came before it, the jets of the mid-20th Century were not only a way to get from point A to point B, but to appreciate a level of style and service that has diminished over the last few decades.

Fortunately, Timex is here to remind us of the golden days of jet-setting with their reissue of their Model 41, now redesigned as the World Time 1972 Reissue. Looking back through their archive, Timex has recreated a decidedly groovy watch for a modern audience. With its unique barrel-shaped stainless steel case and geometric red second hand, it’s a play on retro without looking dated.

Most noticeable on the Timex World Time 1972 is the rotating bezel, which features 24 cities from around the globe. Originally designed for world travelers, the listed cities are marked by Greenwich Mean Time, and one has to simply rotate one’s current location with the hour hand,  making the wearer able to traverse time zones easily to know if it’s lunchtime in Buenos Aires or aperitivo o’clock in Rome. You’ll notice that the spellings are in French as well, as this watch was originally made specifically for a European audience. Très chic

The watch’s case is a friendly 39mm with vintage-inspired integrated, downward-facing lugs. The Timex World Time 1972 Reissue is a quartz-movement watch and affordably priced at $179. It’s available now at Timex.com for purchase. Timex

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