Timex Just Released a $200 Mechanical Watch

In the 1950s, Timex established itself as a purveyor of dependable, affordable wristwatches, with the brand’s iconic “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking” campaign cementing that very notion with consumers. By the mid-‘60s, nearly half of all mechanical watches sold in the U.S. were from Timex. Today, however, Timex is better known as a supplier of affordable quartz and smart watches, having stopped production of mechanical movements in 1982.

But in a surprising twist, Timex is now taking a swing back toward its roots with the Marlin—a mechanical, hand-wound, vintage-inspired timepiece. Oh, and the retail price? In keeping with the Timex ethos, it’s just $199.

The watch shown here is an earlier prototype. The final production model does not have “WATERPROOF” on the dial.

As the name suggests, the Marlin reissue pulls inspiration from the varied Marlin series produced by Timex back in the ‘60s. The stainless steel case measures 34mm wide and 10mm thick, and it features a high-polish finish. The lugs are drilled and the lug width measures 18mm. The acrylic crystal is highly domed and in keeping with the original. The dial then is a silver-tone sunburst that, depending on the light, can look warmer or cooler. The dial is nearly a one-for-one copy of some of the vintage models, down to the unique, graphic numerals.


It’s unclear exactly what movement is inside the Marlin, but it does hack. Watches being delivered come with a sticker that reads “MOVT CHINA,” which leads me to believe the movement might be from SeaGull, China’s largest movement manufacturer, but it’s possible the movement is sourced from one of the several other Chinese makers. When I get a conclusive answer, I’ll update this post.

On the wrist, the Marlin wears like a true vintage piece, and by that I mean it wears true to its 34mm size. For those of us who are used to wearing smaller vintage pieces, this won’t feel any different.


Altogether, this is a fun little package from the brand, and I’m curious to see if this is just the first of future mechanical offerings from Timex. Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. Timex

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