TRIWA is Back with a New Watch Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Triwa had an unexpected hit last year with their first watch made from recycled ocean plastics, the Triwa Time for Oceans. The Time for Oceans came in fun colors, had a textured dial modeled off of classic field watches, and was priced right for a watch that’s well suited as a conversation starter. According to Triwa, they sold nearly 10,000 Time for Oceans watches, which is the equivalent of around 20,000 plastic bottles. With success like that, it’s a no brainer to produce a follow up watch, and they’ve recently announced their latest timepiece, the Ocean Plastic Sub, just in time for the summer season. 


Like the original Time for Oceans, the Ocean Plastic Sub is made from recycled ocean plastics and features a wave motif on the dial. This time, however, the watch is very much in the diver format, which seems like a natural choice for a watch connected so intrinsically to the ocean. The Ocean Plastic Sub (both the case and strap) is made of 100% recycled ocean plastic, which has been produced in partnership with Tide Ocean Material, a Swiss company that specializes in collecting plastic waste from the ocean and turning it into useful material that can be applied to various endeavors. They work with companies all over the world and boast of converting plastic from the equivalent of 15 bottles, reducing waste and fossil fuel use in the process. 

The Ocean Plastic Sub, like its predecessor, is a watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously in terms of style and design. The wave dial is slightly more subtle than last year’s model, but the multi-colored hand set gives the watch a casual and playful vibe. It’s available in three variants: Deep Blue, Octopus Black, and Nemo Orange. The watch is 40mm in diameter, water resistant to 100 meters, and is powered by a quartz Miyota movement. 

A watch like this exists for two reasons. First, Triwa hopes to play a role in actually getting plastic out of the oceans and used for something worthwhile. Secondly, and perhaps just as important, it’s meant to be part of an awareness campaign for a cause that is of the utmost importance. This is why, I think, the watch looks the way it does, made in bright colors, with a patterned dial, and the words “Time for Oceans” clearly visible around the rehaut. A watch like this is somewhat impervious to criticisms of its aesthetic, as it hasn’t really been made for the purposes of looking great on the wrist. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t, or won’t, or that the watch is unattractive in any way, but one gets the sense that Triwa would rather the community be talking about what went into making the watch and the implications of that than the color selections, text in the rehaut, or even its water resistance rating. 

The Triwa Ocean Plastic Sub is available now, with a retail price of $149. Triwa

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