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Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller and the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS

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It’s clear from a quick look at Peter Miller’s resume that he’s a guy who values high quality gear in everything he does. When you spend your life traveling the world to far flung angling destinations, and competing at the highest levels of your sport, it’s essential to become one with the equipment that you use. Miller is a three-time World Sailfish Champion, and has won or placed in over 120 high profile billfish tournaments throughout the world. With Uncharted Waters, his new program on the Discovery Channel, Peter not only shows viewers some of the best fishing in the world, but gets up close and personal with the people who make the sport what it is.

On Peter’s wrist during the filming of Uncharted Waters you’ll find the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS, the brand’s newest watch to feature GPS timekeeping technology, with automatic satellite adjustment in over 40 timezones. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling the world in search of a great fishing destination, taking the routine cross country flight for business, or just looking for the latest in satellite timekeeping technology.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS collection.

The Satellite Wave GPS is a thoroughly modern timepiece under the hood, and it looks the part on the wrist as well. The watch is sleek in its black ion plated stainless steel case, and has accents in one of three bright colors (green, blue, or red). The effect is statement making, but there’s real practicality here as well, as the watch updates itself automatically by detecting its location through a satellite GPS signal (in an incredibly quick 3 seconds). There have been many solutions over the years for traveler’s watches when time zone crossing absolutely must be addressed, but it’s probably fair to say that it doesn’t get much easier or foolproof than for this feature to be fully automated. 

Peter Miller in his element with a Citizen Satellite Wave GPS on the wrist.

The Satellite Wave GPS is powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, so it never needs a battery, and is water resistant to 100 meters, making it perfect for just about any water based adventure. The watch also shows the time in 27 international cities at a glance, has daylight saving and power reserve indicators, and is a full perpetual calendar. It’s feature packed, to say the least.

“The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS is a very good looking watch,” says Peter of the new timepiece, “but what matters even more to me…is the fact that it allows me to be very aware of our time out on the water while everyone else is trying to find their cell phone.” With practicality and a competitive advantage in mind, we asked Peter to tell us about the other pieces of gear that he finds indispensable on the open water. Here are three things he never goes without:

Cudjoe Shiny Gold Blue Tortoise Sunglasses from Salt Life Optics

“A must,” says Peter. They “enable you to spot fish beneath the surface” of the water, leading to a competitive advantage that removes a lot of the guesswork. These shades are lightweight and anti-glare, allowing for total comfort and maximum visibility on even the longest days on the water. Check it out here

Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 LITE-SHOW Running Shoes

Don’t dismiss the importance of a good athletic shoe in the fishing arena. If your mental image of angling is a lazy day on the boat while you wait for the fish to bite, go ahead and watch the first episode of Uncharted Waters, and come on back when you’re done. Peter’s preference is for Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 LITE-SHOW. They help him move quickly when needed, and are comfortable enough for all day wear. What to stay away from? “Flip flops are the absolute worst,” says Peter, “zero traction and a good chance of falling off when making quick moves.” The lesson here is clear: with fishing, as in life, take your footwear seriously. Check it out here

5″ Lucky Lew Knife from Bubba Blade

A good knife comes in handy all day long on a fishing trip. Peter’s choice is the 5’’ Lucky Lew by Bubba Blade, a convenient folding knife with an unmistakable red non-slip grip. “Cutting bait, preparing bait, cutting up fish…and trimming knots all day long,” are just some of the ways Peter is constantly using a knife throughout the day. A knife can go beyond the utilitarian and actually become an important safety device. When a fish goes ballistic and wraps up a crew member in the line, a knife can “free them from danger with a calculated swing of the blade,” says Peter. Check it out here

For Peter Miller, the gear matters, and Satellite Wave GPS by Citizen is as indispensable as the tools used by anglers for generations. Be sure to check out Peter, the Satellite Wave, and all of his other critical gear, in new episodes of Uncharted Waters on the Discovery Channel. Citizen

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