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I have been following Uniformwares’ products since they first released their 100 series. In fact, I am the proud owner of a mustard yellow 100 that I wear pretty often. What makes the Uniformwares line so intriguing, is that they are one of the few brands on the market that mixes a passion for watches with the aesthetic and restraint of experienced industrial designers.With designs that hearken to the philosophies of Dieter Rams and Max Bill/the Bauhaus, but an eye towards contemporary fashion, Uniformwares successfully reinvented, or perhaps reintroduced, classic design into the watch market.  Furthermore, save the movements, every piece of these watches are designed from the ground up, which is extremely rare for a small company.

So, I was extremely excited to see this morning that they had released a new line of watches: the 150 series. The 150’s take the simple lines of their predecessors into the realm of the dress watch. With a slimmed profile, svelte but sturdy lugs and a more pronounced crown, the 150 displays elegance and restrained luxury. The dial design has maintained the minimal markings of their others watches, with accented marks at quarter hour intervals, no logo and subtle coloring to compliment the case. The hands are the same classic rectangle and pointed rectangle for minutes and hours, respectively, but on the 150 they forego the second hand. I applaud them on this decision. Too many watches feel that visible movement is always necessary, but in the case of such a clear design, the second hand would only be a distraction. The overall feeling of the watch is that of a classic dress watch with stark and modern graphic accents. I find this very appealing, as few watches successfully ride the line of formal and casual.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the 150 line is the color and material choices for the three variations. There is the classic black PVD case, black dial with white markings white hands and black band version: which is always welcome. A polished stainless version with a “rose” dial, grey markings, polished aluminum hands and beige leather band that is the most feminine of the group, and perhaps of their whole product line. Lastly, my personal favorite, the rose gold PVD model with cream face, grey markings, grey hands and a deep brown band, that I could see seamlessly fitting into both dress and casual outfits. Uniformwares does an incredible job, in all of their products, at finding the exact right colors, tones and finishes to create extremely harmonious objects.

Priced at $225 direct for non EU, the 150 is a great choice for those looking for something a bit dressier that still maintains a modern aesthetic. Click here for more Uniform Wares

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