Upcoming JDM Seikos You’ll Want to Keep an Eye On

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In the past, we’ve written about how Seiko often saves some of their most desirable releases for the Japanese domestic market. I’ll concede that Seiko’s gotten better in recent years at making more watches directly available to American consumers, as we’ve seen with the expansion of both the Prospex and Presage lines. Still, every now and then we discover a Seiko collection that won’t be making its presence known on our shores, at least not in an official capacity through an authorized dealer. But with so many of you being Seiko diehards, and with trusted sellers like Seiya, Higuchi, and Chino Watch on the case, we wanted to bring to your attention some of the hottest Seiko releases coming out of  Japan in the coming months. Let’s get to it.

Seiko’s Four Newest Divers for PADI

Seiko first announced its partnership with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and Project AWARE earlier this year, and with that partnership came two limited edition watches: a Kinetic GMT Diver (ref. SUN065) and the Automatic SRPA21 “Turtle”–both based on existing Seiko watches but bearing PADI’s characteristic red and blue color scheme. Building on that relationship, Seiko has announced four additional limited edition PADI divers, likewise based on already existing models within the Prospex range.


Prospex Marinemaster Professional PADI “Tuna” SBBN039

A Seiko Icon, the “Tuna” (nicknamed for its distinctive shrouded case design) makes perfect sense for this latest collaboration with PADI. A tool-watch through and through, the new SBBN039 is one of the coolest professional divers to come out this year.

Case Stainless steel with Dia shield coating
Dimensions 47.7mm x 47.7mm x 14.7mm
Movement 7C46 (quartz with 5-year battery life)
Water Resistance 30ATM
Price 125,000 JPY (approx. $1,200)
Limited 700 units

Prospex Scuba Diver PADI “Sumo” SBDC049

The “Sumo” is another staple within Seiko’s catalogue of contemporary divers. Boasting red accents against a blue base, this new PADI edition is sure to appeal to fans of the core collection.

Case Stainless steel
Dimensions 47.7mm x 47.7mm x 14.7mm
Movement 6R15 (automatic; hacking and hand-winding; 50-hour power reserve)
Water Resistance 20ATM
Price 70,200 JPY (approx. $680)
Limited 1000 units

Prospex Solar Scuba Diver PADI SBDJ015

We wrote about the release of Seiko’s latest line of Solar divers earlier this year, and now they’ve given the popular collection the PADI treatment. The SBDJ015 is the first half of a pair of Solar divers meant as a his-and-her set.

Case Titanium with Dia shield coating
Dimensions 44.1mm x 52.6mm x 12.4mm
Movement V157 (Solar)
Water Resistance 20ATM
Price 70,000 JPY (approx. $670)
Limited 1,800 units

Prospex Solar Scuba Diver PADI SBDN035

The smaller-sized SBDN035 is the second half of the aforementioned Solar pair and it’s marketed towards women. Given its classic dimensions, however, the SBDN035 should also appeal to men seeking a smaller-sized diver.

Case Titanium with Dia shield coating
Dimensions 38.8mm x 46.5mm x 11.2mm
Movement V147 (Solar)
Water Resistance 20ATM
Price 70,000 JPY (approx. $670)
Limited 1,200 units

The SBDJ015 and SBDN035 pair are slated for release later this month, and the SBBN039 and the SBDC049 are slated for release in January, 2017.

Seiko Brings Back Another Giugiaro Design

Seiko’s relationship with Giorgetto Giugiaro is long and storied, and it’s resulted in some of the brand’s most iconic and distinct watch designs. Earlier this year, Seiko reissued the “Ripley” watch, which was, as the name suggests, worn by Signourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley in the film, Aliens (read our review here). It’s one of the most famous examples of Giugiaro’s work with Seiko, but it is just one in a series of incredible watches born of that collaboration. Now, Seiko’s tapping into its archives once more to reissue another famous Giugiaro design–the 80’s-inspired Rider’s Chronograph.

Seiko Spirit Giugiaro Design “Rider’s Chronograph”

Case Stainless steel; stainless steel with black coating (SCED053, SCED055, SCED059, SCED061)
Dimensions 43.3mm x 44.2mm x 11.4mm
Movement 7T12 (Quartz)
Water Resistance 10ATM
Price 30,000 JPY or approx. $290 (SCED057); 35,000 JPY or approx. $335 (SCED053, SCED055, SCED059, SCED061)
Limited SCED055 and SCED053 (limited to 1,500 units each); SCED061, SCED059 and SCED057 (limited to 1,500 units each)

L to R: SCED055, SCED053, SCED061, SCED059 and SCED057.

As the name suggests, the watch was originally designed with motorcyclists in mind. Note the unorthodox orientation of the dial–turned 15-degrees clockwise–so it can be read while one is gripping the handlebar of a motorcycle. Additionally, the dial and case are sloped five degrees toward the wearer to further emphasize this purposeful legibility. Powering the watch is Seiko’s 7T12 quartz chronograph movement featuring a 24-hour register (plus date) at three, a 60-minute counter at six, and active seconds at nine.

seikogiugiaro_riderchronographcaseBeyond that, the design screams ’80s cool, with its use of vibrant color accents and a barrel shaped case and integrated bracelet. Overall, it’s a really cool reissue, and one that should make a perfect complement to the Ripley watch, or a chance to own another classic Giugiaro design for those who missed out.

The SCED053 and SCED055 pair are slated for release later this month, and the SCED057SCED059, and SCED061 are slated for release in January, 2017.

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