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Video Interview: Jörg Schauer of Stowa

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A longtime favorite of our readers, Stowa has taken a measured approach to 2020, with some notable but subtle additions to their Partitio and Marine collections. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jörg Schauer, Stowa’s current owner about the latest news from the brand, as well as to provide some historical context of how he became involved with the brand at all. There’s something here for even the most ardent of Stowa followers, as we even learned a thing or two ourselves about Schauer’s origins. 


In addition to Stowa’s history, we also get a look at a new watch, the Flieger Bronze Vintage, which renders the classic 40mm flieger case in a lovely shade of bronze. The new watch can be had in your choice of automatic or hand wound configuration and offers a welcome take on a timeless design. Enjoy all this and more in the video below, as well as a gallery of images that highlight their facilities and history. 

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