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Video Interview: Lauren and Lorenzo Ortega of Lorier

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We’re excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Lorier Founders, Lauren and Lorenzo Ortega, to discuss their latest release, the Hyperion GMT. As they describe it, a GMT has long been requested by their customers, and to no surprise, the Lorier design ethos takes well to the complication. We talk to Lauren and Lorenzo about what went into the design of the Hyperion and why they chose to use a Swiss movement for the first time. 

In addition to discussing the GMT, we dig into Lorier’s busy 2020. Earlier this year they rolled out new, smaller versions of their Neptune and Falcon lines and introduced their first chronograph, the Gemini. You may remember the Limited Edition Gemini we introduced with them as well. Most recently, Lorier released a slimmed-down and updated version of their Hydra with an internal rotating bezel. 

2020 has been a busy year for Lorier and their ending with a bang. Check out our full interview below.

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