[VIDEO] Our Favorite Tech Pouches from Bellroy and Peak Design

The Worn & Wound team travels a lot, and whether it’s a quick trip on the Acela or a few weeks in Switzerland, proper packing of our various tech is absolutely essential. Wherever we go, we’re essentially carrying a mobile office with us, uniquely focused on covering the watch world in words, photographs, and video. Luckily, there are a number of packing solutions that make staying connected simple, predictable, and, perhaps most importantly, surprisingly compact. 

In this video, Kat Shoulders and Zach Kazan unload their tech packs, showing you what they bring on a typical trip to our Brooklyn headquarters, and how they pack it. For Zach, the Peak Design Tech Pouch is his go-to pack to handle the myriad chargers, cables, pens, notebooks, and other odds and ends that help him stay productive on the train, in the office, or wherever he might find himself. The accordion style pack can hold a surprising amount of gear, and it fits perfectly in the bottom of his bag, always at the ready. 

Kat’s choice for packing her tech is the Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit, a similar pouch that takes a slightly different approach. It opens and lays flat, and with a bright orange lining, really lets you see everything clearly at a glance. Kat’s photography focused gear includes extra solid state storage, and her pack even has room for a watch.

Let us know in the comments what your preferred tech focused packing solution is, and if there’s any additional gear we should be thinking about bringing along with us on our next trip.

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