[VIDEO] Second Impressions, The Tudor Black Bay Pro

The Tudor Black Bay Pro is a watch we were all asking for, but when it arrived earlier this year at Watches & Wonders, the general consensus seemed decidedly, well, split. As if some unspoken rule had been broken, Tudor faced criticism for the size of the case, the shape of the hands, or the construction of the bracelet. Others weren’t as fazed and found plenty to embrace in the Black Bay Pro. Our first impressions after a brief hands-on with the watch were unanimously positive, and this was thanks, in large part, to seeing the watch without giving the stat sheet a chance to sink in.

We came in relatively unhindered by the initial reactions of the internet, and were able to form our own opinions on the spot. Would these initial impressions hold true after getting some solid wrist time with the watch? Zach Weiss and Blake Buettner sit down to discuss.


Our full fledged review of the Black Bay Pro is still forthcoming, but after getting a week or so in with the watch, we thought we’d take the chance to offer a second impression. Here’s our takeaways. 

Have you come around on the Black Bay Pro since its release? How have your initial impressions changed on this anticipated watch? Let us know in the comments below and if you’d like us to cover any specific details of the watch in our review, let us know!

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