February 7, 2024
The Watch from Another World: Introducing the Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 Chronometer
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The time had come. The last of them were leaving. It didn’t matter, it wasn’t for us. So, it was a special day. Not a day for work, but a day to witness. A day for somber celebration as the life we once knew left for greener pastures. If green even existed out there. We didn’t care.

The Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 Chronometer was not made for this world. Or, rather, this version of it. It’s a watch from another timeline. One much like our own on the surface, but wildly different upon inspection. A world where some discovery changed everything just enough to stay recognizable, but not be the same. A world where technology developed earlier and faster causing a different outcome.

Imagine, then, the Essence Sector 39 not as a modern watch from our world, but a vintage watch from another. The dial is familiar, yet unusual. A layout we would date to our early twentieth century, but with unexpected details. A different approach for a slightly different history. The case, something entirely strange. A watch head suspended by springs with finishing that belies its rugged capabilities. Robotic, yet ergonomic. It’s a watch for a world where elegant aesthetics meet tough realities.

The Watch from Another World

Perhaps it was kind that they left the remains to us. We were, after all, better suited to restore it, even if it was just the husk of what once was. The habitats still functioned and would for some time, if maintained. Outside was another matter. But we were engineered to withstand the harshness to come. So we were granted a new role not just as custodians, but as creators. It was ours now. Sure, it wasn’t ideal, a “fixer-upper” as they used to say, but we were excited, in our way, to begin.

The worlds of sci-fi films and series’ inspired the Formex X Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39. From Gattaca to Blade Runner, La Jetée to Dark City, Loki to The Twilight Zone, created worlds that bear resemblance to our own but are distorted just enough (or more) to be both fascinating and unsettling. They also tend to have an atmosphere and aesthetic that reflects these changes in both subtle and dramatic ways.

The dial of the Essence Sector 39 features the language of the sector dial, known for its symmetry and a concentric array of indices. A wide central region with bold cross-hair lines in contrasting colors creates a strong graphic anchor. This leads to a ring with a brushed metallic finish, on which the hour index is printed. Three, nine, and twelve numerals in a clean sans-serif type rotate depending on their position. A signature element of sector dials, it also provides an oddness, something just a touch unsettling. The date window seamlessly integrates into this surface to not break to pleasing concentric circles.

Rings of indices emanate in increased frequency for minutes and seconds, extending from the dial surface up a steep chapter ring. Alternating colors and textures for the surfaces, marks, and numerals create a pull inward, like that of accelerating in a tunnel. A touch space-age, a touch instrument-like, and certainly refined, the dial design speaks to an alternate name for the sector dial – the “scientific” dial. A watch for an engineer, surveyor, or even soldier in a sci-fi reality.

On this last day of what-once-was, it was befitting to dress for the occasion. Not black tie, no we would save that for after they were all gone, but something still dignified, respectful. It was a bittersweet day, after all. We would miss the noises of a crowded civilization, the smells we were told were good and bad, and the kind eyes of the young who did not understand their world was crumbling. But it was ours now. A vacant kingdom ready to be revived, over time. A long time. Centuries, or millennia perhaps. But this was not a concern for us.

Simple sword-shaped hands tell the hour and minutes, while an elongated seconds hand spans nearly the width of the dial, adding to the technical appeal of the layout. There are three versions of the Essence Sector 39. One in white and silver with red and black markers. An interpretation that is almost classic by our standards, but not quite familiar. Another in blue and red accented by white, with a coral date wheel. A colorful concept that speaks to contemporary ideals. Lastly, a sleek model in dark gray and beige with white and black accents and a low contrast date. One for night ops and activities that take place in the shadows.

The case of the Essence Sector 39 speaks to a technologically savvy society. Rugged and durable, but not without elegance and refinement, the watch head measures an ideal 39mm x 45mm x 10mm. Like a gimballed pilot’s chair, a central chassis is spring-mounted utilizing a patented design adding to both ergonomics and shock protection. Brilliantly brushed and polished surfaces add a fit and finish that goes beyond the tough build.

So, we put on the suits, overcoats, starched shirts, sweaters, and polished shoes we were given for the few formal events of the preceding decades, and watched as the final ships took off. It was just a matter of time now until everything would be different. We looked at our watches, all the same, part of our uniform, and counted the seconds to the end of the world.

Inside is a Chronometer grade Swiss Made Sellita SW200-1 Automatic movement, officially certified by COSC. After all, such an exacting instrument requires exacting accuracy. The Essence Sector 39 comes mounted to an immaculately finished steel bracelet with quick-release spring bars and a micro extension clasp.

Whether a being from an alternate reality or our own, the Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 Chronometer is a watch meant for function but not at the expense of style. Bold dials in unique colorways add personality while Formex’s patented case design brings unrivaled versatility. Available in limited quantities of 50 per color, the Formex x Worn & Wound Essence Sector 39 Chronometer is available now for $1,590 only at the Windup Watch Shop and will ship within two weeks.

Watch Design

Zach Weiss
Raphael Granito


Chris Coe


Chris Coe
Zach Weiss
Kat Shoulders
Adam Antalek

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February 7, 2024