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Nintendo announces a 35th anniversary Super Mario Bros. Game and Watch

Ready to feel old? The Super Mario Bros. franchise turns thirty-five this year. The seemingly ageless mustachioed plumber has been part of our lives for a long time – you certainly don’t have to be a serious gamer to recognize Mario, Luigi, and many of the other characters who make up the larger Mario Brothers world. To celebrate the anniversary, Nintendo is set to release an updated version of the old Game & Watch handheld, that will play a full color version of the original Super Mario Bros. game, along with a few others, as detailed in the linked Verge article. The Game & Watch device is a true 80s artifact from the early days of video games, a precursor to the many handhelds that would come after, and, usefully, doubles as a functional and retro digital clock when not being used for gaming. Nintendo’s new Game & Watch will be available in November.

Via The Verge.

The 20 Best Bottle Episodes, Ranked

Luca Romeo for The Ringer

The Ringer has put together an authoritative list of the best bottle episodes in TV history. If you’re not familiar with a bottle episode, the concept is relatively simple, and used frequently in television, especially in this new “golden age” of prestige TV. Basically, a bottle episode can be defined as a single episode in a series that’s restricted to a single set or location, or just a few characters from a larger cast. The stories are often self contained and may or may not match the tone of other episodes in a series. Seinfeld’s “The Chinese Restaurant” is a classic example (and #4 on this list). This format has roots in “filler” episodes, because historically they could be made cheaply and quickly, but contemporary television artists have become ambitious in making bottle episodes, and they sometimes feel more like short films than standard TV. If you have a favorite that’s not on the list, be sure to drop it in the comments.

New Canvas Collection Drops From Topo Designs

Image: Topo Designs

Topo Designs are now offering some of their classic designs like the Rover Pack and the Light Pack in canvas. The addition of canvas means a few new colors and a durable exterior that should age with grace and character. Like Robert Redford. As always, these new Topo packs are priced accessibly, and arrive just in time for the fall season. There’s loads more features so be sure to head over to Topo Designs to learn more and get your order in

Aston Martin Reveals The Victor, A One-Off Masterpiece And It Is Everything

Image: Aston Martin

Aston Martin surprised fans with the reveal of a one-off creation called The Victor, a that combines One-77, Vulcan and Valkyrie tech into a single retro styled package. Oh, and it has a manual transmission. And 836 bhp. If that didn’t sell you, the exterior styled to mimic the look of a Vantage from the ‘70s just might. While it nails the look, the tech is cutting edge, and at speed the body will produce more downforce than the brands current GT4 racecar. On the inside, you’ll find a carbon monocoque chassis from the One-77, as well as the 7.3-litre V12 engine. If that sounds like a lot to handle, you can take comfort in the fact that the car employs the springs and dampers currently at use within the track-only Vulcan. 

The price for all this definitely falls into the “if you have to ask” range, not that it matters, as only one has been built for as a customer commissioned project. If you’ve got that kind of dough, maybe this will serve as proper inspiration. Learn more about the project here from The Drive.


Bamford Collabs With… G-Shock

Bamford’s highly customized watches are sometimes a controversial topic among enthusiasts. They experiment freely with DLC coatings and the use of color to change a watch’s appearance, and enthusiasts are sometimes left scratching their heads when confronted with Bamford’s unique creations. Let’s just say: they’re not a favorite of purists. However, it’s tough to argue against their imagination and influence, and their latest release is quite a bit more subdued than some previous Bamford designs. The Bamford London x G-Shock GW-M5610BWD20-1ER is coming later this month, and subtly uses Bamford’s signature light blue to accent a base GW-M5610, which is as classic as G-Shocks can get. The watch appears to be a UK only release, and will sell for £149, making it an inexpensive way to get into Bamford, if you’ve wanted to dip your toe into that pool.

Via G-Central

From The Archives: A Guide To Strange Complications

There are useful complications, and there are not-so-useful-but-still-pretty-cool complications. And then, there are just plain oddball complications. Earlier this year our Zach Kazan took the time to profile some of the stranger complications to appear on watches both old and new. From tidal complications to the parking meter. You read that correctly. There are more surprised to be found, so grab another coffee and head over to the article right here and let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments below.

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