Watches, Stories, & Gear: Art, Desk Display, and Watch Winder All-In-One, A Collab X11 Duffle from 1733 x Huckberry, Talking Taste with Takeharu Sate, & More

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Header Image Via: Orbit Winder Co.

Art, Watch Winder & Desk Display All In One


As far as watch accessories go, straps, travel cases and storage solutions are usually what takes up our entire supplemental horological budget. It’s not a stretch to even throw watch books and custom watch art into the mix. Let’s face it, a watch winder is probably the last thing you’re thinking about purchasing, if at all.


Rarely do you see a watch winder that actually looks visually appealing. Typically it’s just a lazily designed compartment that houses a rotating watch holder. You might as well just have a nice looking watch box and when you feel like wearing a particular watch, pick it up, and be the human watch winder. But the folks over at Orbit Winder Co. might have an intriguing winder that could potentially change our minds.


Say hello to the Orbit Winder – a cleverly designed piece of moving art that marries the hypnotizing movement of a tourbillon with the functionality of a winder. The Orbit Winder houses a single watch at its center, and once activated, poetically winds the watch with several polished rings moving in a gyroscopic motion. Think of this as a watch enthusiast’s Newton’s Cradle desk display. It’s part art. It’s part watch winder. It’s part, “Let me kill some time watching this thing go when I should be doing work” type of thing. If you could stomach the $1,499 price tag (let’s be real, there are other watch adjacent things we’ve bought that we had no business spending money on in the first place) then head on over to Orbit Winder Co. here.

X11 Duffle Bag 1733 x Huckberry 

Via Carryology

We’re big fans of 1733 around here. The humble Chicago based bag and accessory manufacturer produces highly technical packing solutions that seamlessly, and stylishly, fit into your everyday life. You can’t go wrong with any one of their products in their catalog. Whether it’s their Daily Tote, Side Packs or any number of their Duffel Bags, you know you’re getting a combination of durable fabrics and thoughtful design touches that make for something that looks distinct when it’s thrown over your shoulder. This week, 1733 announced a new X11 Duffle Bag in partnership with friends of W&W, Huckberry.

Via Carryology

An exclusive release only available at Huckberry, the X11 has all the makings of 1733’s flagship duffle. The X11 is constructed out of high-performance X-Pac (no relation to the wrestler) fabric based on racing sailcloths and secured by Cordura reinforcements. Translation: its supremely durable, light-weight and highly water-resistant, so any qualms about keeping the contents of your bag safe and dry can be put to bed. 1733 is known for their use of more vibrant sport-forward colors, but this collaborative bag leans more into the rustic aesthetic with its mountain brown colorway and coyote accents. It already looks good, but we’re sure after you put some miles on it, it’ll look even better, AND still be in one piece. It is a 1733 after all.

Starfield Finally Gets An Official Launch Date

After months of silence, Bethesda has finally given their next space RPG epic, Starfield, a release date. The highly anticipated game had been slated to release in the first half of 2023 after a delay from its initial November 2022 release date, and it looks like it’ll just miss that target with a September 6th launch date set. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait that long to get a closer look at that game, however, as they’ve announced a Starfield Direct event happening on June 11, in which we’re likely to get a deeper dive into the mechanics and lore of the game.

In the release date trailer we get a look at a few new scenes from the game, including an inside look at a familiar looking space station (first seen in the initial announcement back in 2018), and a few more pieces of the mysterious “anomaly” that looks to feature heavily in the game’s story. A keen eye will also notice some live gameplay happening behind Todd Howard in the later half of the video, which includes a look at some features like the favorites wheel from Fallout 4. No further look at the watch device that we’ve seen on the player character in past videos, but we’re working on uncovering more info on that bit before the release of the game. Check out the full announcement above and mark your calendars for September (and cross your fingers there’s no further delays).

Talking Taste with Takeharu Sate

Via Drake’s

Sitting in an Eames office chair with a well-worn pair of Alden chelsea boots on his feet and a 1975 vintage Rolex Datejust on his wrist, it doesn’t take long to understand that Takeharu Sate is a man of particular taste. Sate is a stylist, creative director, author of an in-depth book focused on fashion consumption in Japan in the 90’s to 00’s entitled “An Obsession Made in Japan,” and in his spare time runs a curry rice joint at the Blue Market in Bermondsey. In a recent Drake’s profile we get to know the man behind it all including how he spends his free time, his design insights and how “Japanese-Americana” has inspired and shaped his style process. If you’re in need of some reading, furnishing or sartorial inspo, then we highly suggest you check this out.


Could This Be The MR2 Successor?

Via Car and Driver

The MR2 will always hold a special place in my heart. There was a time where I’ve personally experienced a Toyota MR2 take on a Porsche 911 down a straight away and just totally obliterated it. Could it be more driver related than the actual cars themselves? Probably. Well, most likely. But seeing the MR2 in that light changed the way I look at the car every time I encountered it on the road.

A few weeks back, Car and Driver published an article surrounding a rumor that Toyota and Suzuki could potentially be working on a light weight sports car inspired by the MR2. Now this isn’t your Toyota MR2 from the 80’s and 90’s. In the concept image, gone are the angular body lines and distinguishable flat rectangular rear. Instead, this sports EV is curvaceous from the aggressive looking front to its vented flanks. The two-seater coupe will reportedly be equipped with a mid-mounted 120hp three-cylinder engine. It seems that Toyota has “light and fast” on the mind. Nothing is confirmed yet, but in the meantime, we can all dream a little.

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