Watches, Stories, & Gear: Freeride World Tour Displays Shredding the Gnar at its Finest, Never-Before-Seen Footage of the Titanic, Filson’s Tin Cloth Cruiser, & More

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Header Image Via: Freeride World Tour

Freeride World Tour Golden B.C. Kicking Horse 

This past week, Golden B.C. hosted the final qualifying run for the Freeride World Tour. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s a freestyle ski and snowboard competition where each rider makes their way down a mountain face – the catch here is that they have to do it with a certain style and flare that’s not limited to booking it downhill, dodging in out and out of trees, or doing flips off a narrow ridge. Oh, and if they wipe out or at any point lose their skis or board, then the run does not count. Each run is scored by a panel of judges that base their score on five different categories: line choice, control, fluidity, tricks, and technique.

Via Freeride World Tour

Alpina has been one of the main sponsors for the Freeride World Tour since 2018, and thanks to them, we were able to get boots on the ground to catch the insaneness of the event in person. Our vantage point was located on a ridge directly across from the mountain face. From there, we witnessed several jaw dropping runs including a 90 foot back-flip off a cliff, triple jumps, and a couple runs that set off a couple small avalanches. Thankfully, every rider finished their run virtually unscathed.

Although we did have an entire view of the event, it was somewhat difficult to gain some perspective in just how fast and how high these riders were going. We’re definitely going to re-watch the event via Freeride’s live coverage linked above to see some of the epic drone shots of these riders and we highly suggest you do the same. Check it out and see who makes the cut for the upcoming finals.

Growing Surf Culture In NYC

Via Field Mag

From the mountains of Golden B.C. we head to a place where surfing culture is starting to take shape, but it’s not where you might think. We’re talking about the Big Apple. Believe it or not, you can find surf in the immediate surrounding areas of the concrete jungle. One of the NY based companies that’s leading the charge in intersecting surf and art, while simultaneously growing the surf culture in the city is a humble shop in Brooklyn called Kings Glassing. In a recent Field Mag article, we get an inside look at how founders Drew and Aaron Austin ended up opening a board shaping and glassing shop in BK. Their background is very much in the creative arts and that has helped them make connections within the local creative community through a shared passion – surfing.

Get Your Yellowstone On With The Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser

Via Filson

A simple cloth weather-resistant jacket is an underestimated piece of apparel that everyone needs to have in their closet. They’re perfect for travel, or just kicking around. They’re versatile. Casual and rugged at the same time. And the best part about these types of jackets is that they look better the more you wear them. Between shows like Last of Us and Yellowstone, this style of jacket seems like it’s starting to hit mainstream. Filson recently restocked their own version of this jacket with the iconic Tin Cloth Cruiser which can be seen worn on one of the characters in the aforementioned show, Yellowstone. The jacket comes with Filson’s signature dry finish cover cloth, a water resistant oil-finish, and a slotted-utility pocket, as well as a flapped chest pocket to tuck away any edc. Whether you’re a Yellowstone fan or not (either way a Yellowstone marathon is airing this weekend ahead of the second-half of season 5), check out this jacket. And if you do end up clicking add to cart, then beat the heck out of it, cause not only will you look good doing what you’re doing, your jacket will look better too.

New Footage Of The Titanic

As prestigious as the Titanic was when it was built for its voyage across the Atlantic, it still remains as one of the most distinguishable ships ever made as it sits 13,000 feet at the bottom of the ocean. The ship has been explored by manned dive teams only a handful of times with each resurface bringing new information and footage of the shipwreck. In celebration of James Cameron’s blockbuster film Titanic, Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution is releasing never-before-seen footage of the Titanic from a dive team that visited the wreck in 1986. The recently published video is 80 minutes of raw footage that is un-narrated. It’s mysterious, eerie and very cool all at the same time.


James Brand Catch-All Tray

Via James Brand

We love edc stuff. But the problem with edc gear is that for the most part, they’re no bigger than the palm of our hands. And once we’ve returned home from work, errands, or travels abroad, the things that we carry in our pockets are usually scattered onto the kitchen table or our desk. Sometimes, these things have a knack for growing a set of legs and disappearing to some obscure hiding place around the house. What’s the point of having these nice things if we can’t keep them organized or in one spot, right? James Brand recently released the Cambro Tray Set to provide a solution for your edc organizing needs. The tray set comes with a larger tray decorated in an ice camo triangular pattern while the smaller black tray, which fits snugly into its larger counterpart, solely bears the James Brand logo. Whether you decide to use it as a catch-all tray, or for decorative reasons, you can’t go wrong with the Cambro Tray Set.

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