Watches, Stories, & Gear: Lambos, LEGO, & Dialing In The James Webb

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LEGO Heads Back To The Future With New DeLorean Set

Image: LEGO

Great Scott! This Lego set takes one of the most iconic of all movie cars as inspiration to serve up heaps of nostalgia for film fans of a certain age. Coming in April, the Back to the Future Time Machine set is more than just a model of a DeLorean, it’s loaded with movie details that fans will appreciate. That includes, of course, a flux capacitor (with 1.21 gigawatts of power) and a dashboard that features the relevant dates from the original film. The set even includes a hover attachment (a time machine feature from the sequel) and removable whitewall tires and hood mounted circuit board (from Part III). And, of course, the set features Doc Brown and Marty McFly figures, because why wouldn’t it? Check it out here.

Wreck Of Ill-Fated Endurance Finally Discovered

Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust

In what might turn out to be one of our favorite stories of the year, the team at Endurance22 has done what many thought would never happen: locate Ernest Shackleton’s sunken ship in the Weddell Sea. The Antarctic mission has fascinated explorers, adventurers, and business leaders (the story is commonly taught in MBA programs) for decades, and the images coming back of the sunken Endurance are absolutely stunning and awe inspiring for anyone familiar with Shackleton and the history surrounding his expedition. Finding the Endurance was a major technological feat, requiring the use of undersea drones searching a large ocean area in conditions that are less than ideal. Be sure to check out this coverage from the New York Times to get a sense of what the search for the Endurance was like in the days leading up to the big discovery.

James Webb Telescope Successfully Dialed In

Credits: NASA/STScI

It’s taken years for the James Webb telescope to get to this point, but another milestone in the saga of what is certainly the greatest space telescope ever designed took place this week when NASA completed a critical mirror alignment. While the first images from the telescope are likely still several months away, the work done this week sets the course and confirms to NASA engineers that the Webb’s complicated optical system is working as intended. More alignment and adjustment of the mirrors will occur over the next six weeks, followed by a dialing in of the telescope’s scientific instruments. If all goes according to plan, the Webb could be broadcasting images of the deepest reaches of space by the end of summer. Read all about it here.

Bespoke Watch Projects Joins #WatchFamforUkraine Charity Auction

Last week, we brought you news of a charity auction spun up by Lupe This, Revolution, and RedBar dubbed #WatchFamforUkraine. The list of watches that will hit the block for a good cause got a little bigger this week, including an entry from our friends at Bespoke Watch Projects. John Beck McConnico has created a bespoke watch called the INTAGLIO 38 “Solidarity” Edition that will enter the auction later this month, with all proceeds going to the World Central Kitchen. The watch places a deep blue dial with a bright yellow seconds hand within BWP’s lovely design language. Learn more about the auction here, and see more from John right here.


Lamborghini Returns To Aventador Production 

Remember that cargo ship full of exotic cars that caught fire and sank in the Atlantic ocean? Well, it turns out a handful of those cars were Lamborghini Aventadors, a car that had since ended its production run after 12 years to make way for its successor. What of the customers who ordered the final examples of the brand’s flagship V12 supercar, the LP 780-4 Ultimae? Well, Lamborghini will briefly resume production of the car to fulfill the outstanding orders and not leave those U.S. buyers hanging. As for the other 70 or so Lambos that were also on the Felicity Ace? Well, let’s just hope the customers have other means of conveyance lined up. More on this story from Road & Track.

eBay Finds: Vintage Seiko Diver

Credit: antiqueartifact

If this Seiko looks familiar, you’re not imagining things. Yep, a couple of weeks ago I found another example of this vintage Seiko 6106-6059 sport diver. Well, as I mentioned last time, these are indeed getting tough to find, despite the ironic fact that I found two in three weeks…haha! Since these are tough to find in good, unmolested condition I decided bring this to the attention to our readers despite the redundancy. This example is even nicer than the last, with only a few nicks on the Hardlex mineral crystal. But the dial, hands, lume and inner rotating bezel are all in excellent condition. Included is the correct oyster style folded link bracelet, which is always a good thing. Case is clean and looks unpolished. Seller states watch runs and keeps time. If you missed out on the last one, or were on the fence, here’s your chance for redemption! 

View auction here.

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