Watches, Stories, & Gear: Rebecca Struthers, The Abyss Returns to Theaters, and “Honest Vintage” at Sotheby’s

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A Love Letter to Timekeeping, from Rebecca Struthers 

Photo credit: Andy Pilsbury

Rebecca Struthers is not just a talented watchmaker, she is one of the foremost communicators on the cultural importance of watches, clocks, and timekeeping. If you haven’t read her book, Hands of Time, it is absolutely worth it if you’re ever been fascinated by these little timekeeping objects (you probably are if you’ve found this website). You can get a little taste of Rebecca’s style and point of view right here via the BBC. It’s part technical, part history, and part philosophy, and her prose is entertaining and will likely grab you immediately.  


The Abyss is Back in Theaters (for One Night)

James Cameron’s The Abyss (the subject of the very first Time on Screen podcast) is heading back to theaters for one night only next month. The ambitious sci-fi film has been remastered in 4K and will be shown in what we imagine to be Cameron’s definitive director’s cut. The Abyss has taken on cult status for many – it’s certainly not the most talked about film in Cameron’s filmography, but it clearly sets the stage for what would come later, and features some intense performances and special effects that hold up remarkably well given the late 1980s tech at play. More information can be found via IGN right here.

Sotheby’s: Honest Vintage

A new sale at Sotheby’s has caught our attention. From the collection of Greg Selch (a noted NYC based collector who you might have caught on Hodinkee’s Talking Watches a few years ago), “Honest Vintage” is a sampling of Greg’s personal collection that he’s decided to part with. If you know Greg (who you can follow on Instagram right here), you know that he has a taste for funky, overlooked watches that almost always represent great value in the larger vintage marketplace. Watches from Longines, Omega, and Universal Geneve populate the sale, as well as a great selection of vintage Zeniths, including a handful of Defys that are becoming increasingly hard to track down. These are approachable, wearable, and, as the name of the sale implies, honest vintage watches, and we hope to see more sales like this on platforms like Sotheby’s in the future. 

Sherpa Watches Bracelet 

Sherpa Watches made their Windup Watch Fair debut last month in New York, and they were a clear favorite among attendees for their high spec watches, great finishing, and a brand story that draws on a deep heritage of classic sports watches and looks forward simultaneously. Admirers of their Ultradive should take note that Sherpa has just unveiled a new bracelet designed to perfectly match their diver, the only true compressor dive watch on the market. The flatlink style bracelet also includes a clasp with on-board micro adjustment capabilities to dial in the perfect fit. More information on the new bracelet can be found on the Sherpa Watches website, right here.

Gametime Just Got a Bit More Slithery—Introducing Snakes of Wrath

Bored of Boggle? Underwhelmed with Uno? Done with dominos? Have we got a game for you! Introducing Snakes of Wrath. Developed and illustrated by the duo of Dan Cassaro and Dan Christofferson, who together form the design studio Young Jerks, this brand new 2-player tile-based game is all about strategy, stealing, stacking, and… snakes! It’s ultra-giftable and comes complete with two high quality wooden privacy racks and a custom canvas “Snake Sack” full of 90 stunningly illustrated tiles—and yes, one of them is named Todd. Snag Snakes of Wrath today so you can go head-to-head over the holidays against either your most grudge-match-worthy loved one or your favorite archnemesis. It’s the gift that keeps on hissing.

MONA Watches is Back 

One of our absolute favorite things to see at Worn & Wound is small brands having continued success over the course of years. This industry is tough, and it changes fast, so it’s worth highlighting brands that are able to adapt and survive in a competitive environment. We highlighted MONA Watches all the way back in 2013, when spare, minimalist styles were truly the rage. Now, a decade later, the pendulum has swung back to this style of watch after a period in “heritage sports watch” land, and MONA has tweaked their design a bit and added a mechanical movement. Their new project has just been funded on Kickstarter, and it’s worth taking a look if you remember these guys from ten years ago, or are just hungry for something original and off the beaten path. 

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