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For any watch lover, 47th Street in New York City is a goldmine. The Diamond District, which extends from 5th to 6th Avenue, is jam-packed with watch dealers, repairers and jewelers. The street is one of the last bastions of Old New York. Fast-paced small business, with people buying, selling and trading on street level is exciting to behold. It is also a bit intimidating to the layperson. Many collectors who go there have that feeling about a fool and his money.


If you love vintage watches and are looking for the rare sport pieces, 47th Street can seem like a wild goose chase. There are windows full of modern Rolex and AP, but to find that classic chronograph or diver you’ve been after is going to take some time and a connection couldn’t hurt.


Tucked away in an office on the Mezzanine level of one of the older buildings on the street is Rich Reichbach of Time Titans. He’s a young, upbeat enthusiast and dealer. His self-appointed mission is to comb the street and the internet for all interesting vintage watches.


Once you step into his office, you know that this isn’t business as usual. You are greeted by white walls, high intensity lighting and bamboo flooring that seems more in keeping with a SoHo boutique than the dimly-lit grungy offices that most 47th Street dealers call home. You will also see an Effingham Embry grandfather clock. For those in the know, this is a rare and famous American-made tall-case clock. There is one in the White House.


Rich would know, as his father was one of Westchester County’s preeminent clockmakers and dealers. Mark’s Time was a staple of Bedford Hills, NY. Mark Reichbach kept the clocks running in the grand old houses of New York’s northern suburb. He was also a real character who inspired strong emotional connections with his clients and anyone who stepped into his store. Mark’s Time was a true cornucopia of horology. This was the environment where Rich cut his teeth.


The other thing you will immediately notice is watches. Lots of them. Everywhere. Most of the vintage watch dealers in NY have a few pieces, encased in glass and put on a pedestal. Extremely intimidating would be the byword. Not with Rich. He’s got a mix of everything. And you can touch the watches. Whether you’re looking for a WWII pilot watch, a chronograph, a diver or a cool entry level vintage piece, you will find something at Time Titans. And when you talk to Rich, you will notice an infectious enthusiasm for his work. A modern treasure hunter with an encyclopedic knowledge of watches, he’s always on to the next score, big or small.


Next time you are on your lunch hour, when most New Yorkers get to be themselves for a small part of the day, head over to the Diamond District. Check out Time Titans at 37W 47th St. Mezzanine level.

Be sure to come by Pop Up Flea Dec 11 – 13, 2015 – 125 W 18th, to check out some of Time Titans pieces

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