Watches, Stories, & Gear: Resurrections, Artful Dials, and a New WRX

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The Matrix Resurrections Gets First Trailer 

We probably shouldn’t be surprised about a new entry into the Matrix story in 2021, awash as recent film history is in sequels and IP derived storytelling. If it’s not part of a franchise, it seems barely worth making, at least from the perspective of a big Hollywood studio. Still, if you came of age in the late 90s and early 00s, there’s a certain amount of glee to be felt as the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections unspools. This is the first Matrix film in eighteen years, after all, and while the latter two films in the trilogy never quite hit the exhilarating highs of the original, they seemed to tell a complete story when taken together. But here we are, back with red pills and blue, Neo and Trinity (it’s been awhile so we might need a refresher, but weren’t they both dead at the end of Revolutions?), and, of course, all the bullet time we can possibly handle. Check out the trailer here, and start counting down until December 22, when the fourth Matrix hits theaters.

A Collected Man Shows Us the Art of Dial Finishing

Credit: AkriviA via A Collected Man

Tony Trania over at A Collected Man has written an exhaustive post all about the intricacies of the craft inherent in dial finishing, and it’s worth a read for anyone who has gotten lost in the textures and colors of a truly special watch dial (so, basically, all of us). Traditional engine turning, guilloche, and dial frosting are all covered at length, with breathtaking photos to match of watches by MB&F, AkriviA, Anordain, and others. It’s a feast for the eyes, and you’ll learn something too. Find the largest, highest res screen you can, and enjoy.

26 Movies the Critics Were Wrong About

AA Film / Moviestore / Columbia / AF Archive / Allstar / Alamy; Adam Maida via The Atlantic

David Sims of The Atlantic has compiled a fascinating list of 26 movies that have been overlooked, panned, or otherwise forgotten about by critics or the filmgoing public at large. The idea that Sims posits in his piece is that at a time when access to these films has never been easier thanks to streaming and on-demand services, it’s worth giving movies that might have been maligned a second look, particularly when new releases are slow to trickle out and many are weary of returning to theaters, thanks to the pandemic. There are some gems on this list that might strain the definition of overlooked, at least for some of us (Deja Vu is clearly top tier Tony Scott), as well as plenty of titles you probably shrugged off for years thanks to a critical consensus that they weren’t worth seeing. Adventurous movie lovers can find the list here.

Subaru Reveals Next Generation WRX

Credit: Subaru

Subaru took the lid off their latest street bound rally bruiser in the second generation WRX this week, and it’s got people talking. Of course, the WRX nameplate dates back to early ‘90s, when it was first associated with the Impreza family, but with the VA model released in 2014, it became a standalone line. The new generation, which is an evolution of the VA, gets a new 2.4l boxer engine sending 271hp to all 4 wheels, a whole *checks math* 3 hp more than the FA engine found in the outgoing model. It does get a stiffer platform with a lower center of gravity, torque vectoring, and 3 pedals if you so desire. Visually it’s not a huge departure from the outgoing model, but it does get some new trick fender pieces around the wheels that are raising a few eyebrows right out of the gates. It’s a step ahead but most importantly will the inevitable STi still use the EJ engine? And will we ever get another hatchback WRX?


The NYT Interviews Watchmaker Rebecca Struthers About New Book

Credit: Andy Pilsbury via NYT

UK based watchmaker, Dr. Rebecca Struthers (whose work we’ve discussed before) is releasing a new book titled Hands of Time: A Watchmaker’s History, and the New York Times took a moment to discuss the project with her. The book will explore the realms of both the science and art of watchmaking and horology, and given her prior work will likely provide a wealth of historical context. Struthers, along with her husband, Craig, create and restore watches from their boutique in Birmingham’s Jewelry Quarter. Oh, and it seems she has an affinity for Casio. Read more of the interview at the NYT here.

eBay Finds: Vintage Bulova Alarm

Credit: charlesjha

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: Some complications in a mechanical watch are just more useful than others. This is the case with the mechanical alarm found on this killer vintage Bulova Wrist Alarm. Now, of course we all carry a cellphone on us that has an alarm, but why not go old school if you’re already wearing an old school watch? This circa late 1950’s gem is one sexy watch, with the two- done bullseye style dial with applied steel markers, and the nice hands including the super cool squiggly alarm hand. The 34mm steel case looks unpolished with nice sharp angles on the lugs. Seller states that the watch was recently serviced and is currently running well and working properly. Channel your inner MadMen with this fantastic Bulova!

View listing here.

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