Watches, Stories, & Gear: Still Photography from Fallout, the Boeing Starliner, and Eyewear Inspired by Fine Watchmaking

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The Story Behind the Fallout Set Photography

Fallout, the Amazon Prime series based on the popular video game, has more than a few fans at Worn & Wound HQ. And a big reason for that is the show’s unique visual palette. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear war, so evocative imagery is essential. A recent post on PetaPixel digs into the show’s visuals through a surprising lens: that of the still photography done on set. Most television shows and films employ still photographers to document production and create images for marketing campaigns that inevitably come later, and Fallout took care to make sure these photos were a particularly strong reflection of the show’s overall vibe. Photographer JoJo Whilden used a Hasselblad 500cm with Kodak Portra film stock for incredibly lifelike and visceral images. There’s something about the medium format camera used here that gives the images a vaguely retro feel.  

New Work From David Lynch 

Last week, David Lynch began teasing that he’d be unveiling a new project. The internet, of course, went into something of a frenzy (at least in the Lynchian corners of it). There are few film figure more revered by their diehard fans than David Lynch, so the prospect of something, anything, new is going to be met a great deal of anticipation. While some were certainly hoping for a new film of some kind, what he’s actually delivering is a new album with frequent collaborator Chrystabell. The new album, Cellophane Memories, is out August 2, and follows their 2017 EP Somewhere in the Nowhere and Chrystabell’s score for Lynch’s most recent film, 2006’s Inland Empire. You can see the tracklist via Pitchfork right here, as well as view the video Lynch directed for the first single from the album. 

All the Info You Need on the Boeing Starliner Flight

This week marked the long awaited launch of Boeing’s Starliner, the aviation company’s crew ferry ship that has been in the works (and delayed) for years. Starliner eventually docked with the International Space Station as intended, but it didn’t exactly go smoothly. Helium leaks and thruster issues made for plenty of drama on Starliner’s maiden flight, but NASA and Boeing anticipate that Starliner can and will make it home safely. Ars Technica has a great summary of the flight right here.

Eyewear Inspired by Horology 


Do you love watches? Is your vision maybe not perfect? Would you like to combine your love of watches with correcting your vision? If the answer to all three questions is yes, well, we’ve got a great story for you. Alexanian Eyewear is the brainchild of Artur Alexanian, who creates bespoke frames from solid precious metals featuring shapes and finishing techniques inspired by watchmaking. This video from Mark Cho and The Armoury is a great explainer on a genuinely interesting new brand. 

A New Trailer for Alien: Romulus 

Back to sci-fi franchises, the Alien series of films is another favorite among the Worn & Wound crew, and we’re eagerly awaiting Alien: Romulus later this summer. After a brief teaser a few months ago, we got our first proper trailer this week, and it looks like…well, it looks like an Alien film. A crew trapped on a ship with an alien killing machine is what most of these movies come down to, but we get sucked in every time, and we’re ready to do it all again when Alien: Romulus hits theaters in August. 

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