How I Wear it: Carter McLean, Brought to You by Farer Watches

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Today we’re introducing a new series where we talk to interesting people and find out how they wear their watches, mixing a profile with our Pairs Well With concept. To kick it off, we’ve worked with our friends at Farer to talk to two of their ambassadors about who they are, what they do, what Farer they wear and how they wear it. The word “ambassador” isn’t used very often on w&w, as celebrity endorsements leave a lot to be desired, but Farer’s approach is different. They like interesting and talented people, people who are respected within their industry for their abilities and innovations. And, as luck would have it, the inaugural subject is also an avid worn&wound reader.


Carter McLean is a professional musician best known for his gig playing the drum kit for the hit Broadway musical the Lion King. He’s been playing for over 30 years, and knew around the age of 12 that it was what he wanted to do professionally. Carter initially came to NYC “looking to play with Sting, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon… basically my favorite musicians. I wanted to see if I could hang with the best in the world. Broadway was not on my radar at all. I knew nothing about it. After being in NYC for a few years touring with different bands I was approached to learn the book at lion king in 2001. That was 15 years ago and its still going strong, sold out 1700 seats every night.”


I met Carter at Maxwell’s vintage drum shop near Times Square to talk, take some pictures and check out his personal Farer watch, the automatic Beagle. Well dressed and very friendly, Carter welcomed me into what must be a wonderland for percussionists. Once a recording studio, Maxwell’s is filled to the brim with drums new and old, cymbals and various other percussive tools. There, Carter grabbed a seat at a kit and we chatted as he tooled around the set (and by tooled around, I mean played drums exceptionally while posing for shots).

Carter loves watches. His first “nice” watch was actually a Sinn 856 UTC, a present from his wife when he landed the Lion King gig. It’s no surprise that a drummer would like watches, after all they are time keepers themselves. As for what Carter looks for in a watch, he says “It has to speak to me on some immediate level. I know in 3 seconds if I’m into it or not. I love simple design with a little something to make me go hmmmmm… ” He reads w&w daily, and that’s how he heard about this year’s Wind-Up. There he met the guys from Farer and “…hit it off immediately. Farer caught my eye with their simple classic designs… but when you looked closer there were really interesting details with color and design choices.”

Carter’s tastes drew him to the Beagle, one of Farer’s first three Swiss-made automatic watches. An elegant, but still daring design, the Beagle has a white dial with bright, acidic green numerals and hand filling, accented by red and blue indices. It’s handsome and versatile, having enough color to be a bit playful, but reserved enough to work with a blazer if need be. Powered by the ETA 2824-2 and featuring a box-sapphire crystal, it’s also reliable and durable. Carter says it “fits perfectly into my style. The leather bands are beautiful and swap out easily to change looks. I wear it everyday to work, and also play the show with it on. It’s not bulky and lays on my wrist perfectly.”

The Farer Beagle on top of Carter’s signature snare. Photo Credit: Carter McLean

The Beagle indeed works very well with Carter’s personal style. He goes for a classic look with some mid-century details and is drawn to smaller and more esoteric brands. “Keeping good time is essential as a drummer and also a watch maker but… Style to me is the most important thing. You remember style and taste… not if the drummer or watch maker was 3 seconds fast over 24 hrs.  Picasso did not paint with a ruler.” Below, we’ve put together an outfit featuring the Beagle, based on how Carter wears it, featuring some of his favorite brands.

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Farer Beagle Automatic $1,075

The Beagle ties this subtle, textural outfit together by adding a pop of color and a tempered vintage aesthetic. The white dial will stand out on the wrist against the tweed blazer, while the green numerals off set the blue chambray shirt.

Moscot Miltzen Sun – Tortoise $280

A design that dates back to the 30’s, this classic pair of sunglasses has a vintage aesthetic, but works well with modern attire. Tortoise shell is a mix of brown and black, working with everything and adding a bit of texture.

All Saints Crane Blazer – Charcoal $505

A modern, stylized spin on a tweed blazer with a suede stand color, this acts as versatile outerwear for casual to semi-formal occasions. The charcoal tweed has a pronounced texture with flecks of white, gray and black, bringing some classic fabric feel to the outfit.

Kamakura Button-down Chambray shirt – $79

Blue chambray adds a soft, versatile cool tone to any outfit, and can be dressed up or down within reason. It also will accentuate the textures and colors around it, specifically in the dial of the Beagle, tweed of the blazer and brown leather accessories.

Epaulet Belt – Snuff Suede $75
Snuff suede is just one of those beautiful materials that works with anything. The brown will play well off of the gray and blue that dominate this outfit while also accentuating the Beagle’s straps, while the suede finish will play off of the other textures.

AG Jeans The Graduate – Stabilized $198

Blue jeans, what else needs to be said? The go-to for everyday wear that when paired with a blazer will get you by more formal occasions. Dark blue, because it will help bring out the warm tones around it and make the dial of the Beagle pop.

Truman Boot Co – Classic Oiled Shoulder $490

A nice boot is the perfect way to tie the outfit all together, and Truman Boot Co’s classic boot gets it done. Handmade in Boulder, Colorado in small quantities this cap-toe work boot is made of a red-brown oiled leather with a strong pull-up and has a classic, mid-century style that plays off of the Beagle, further accentuating it.

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