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One of my favorite things to read and write about are companies that are building the foundation of their brand on something meaningful. If you’ve been a reader of the Wear & Carry column, then you’re likely well aware of companies like Warby Parker, Blue Claw Co., and Nisolo Shoes who are helping to pave the way by adding meaning to their brands. Today, we’re taking a look at Apolis, a company founded by brothers Raan and Shea Parton in Los Angeles in 2004.  

Their tagline is simple and it’s all in the name: “Apolis means ‘Global Citizen.'” Such is the founding ideology of the company–to empower producers and creators from around the world to do what they do best. It’s as simple as sourcing components and materials from all corners of the globe to make the best possible product all while helping to support those native industries. Apolis offers a whole assortment of clothing and accessories, so here’s a look at just a few things we’re smitten with.

It’s the little accessories that make the difference, so make it count with the Transit Issue Key Chain. This handsome leather key fob is attached by hand to MIL-SPEC hardware right in Los Angeles. It’s balances nice design with rugged utility. Available in Tan, Brown, and Black color ways for $38 online.

Next up is the Filson x Apolis Philanthropist Briefcase, a bag made from Ugandan cotton and handcrafted by the Filson team in Seattle. In case you didn’t know, Filson has been around since 1897 making quality bags and clothes that are built to endure. Keeping with tradition, the Philanthropist Briefcase is lightweight yet strong enough to last a lifetime.  Available online in Black with Brown leather accents and brass colored hardware for $396.

One of the hottest trends for 2013 is chambray, a lightweight, yet coarse fabric that has a somewhat similar resemblance to lighter washed denim. This material has been around for ages, but it’s coming back in a big way this summer. Showing they’re up on the trends, Apolis recently released the Standard Issue Chambray Service Blazer. This jacket is made from 5.5 oz. chambray material that is milled in Spain and handcrafted in LA. Its color goes well with the summer palate and those brown buttons really make the blue hues pop quite nicely. Available online for $198.

Keeping with the chambray theme, Apolis recently teamed up with J. Crew to make the Chambray Swim Trunk. The cool thing about this swimwear is that Apolis partnered with a California factory that has been manufacturing board shorts for watermen and lifeguards since the 1960s. If the story isn’t enough to make you want them, the looks should be. These come with either a red or blue stripe, cargo pocket, and a nifty patch in the bottom corner. Available online and in select J. Crew stores for $98.

Our last pick is the Co-Op Leather Sandal. Apolis worked with four different artisans in Tel Aviv to craft these natural Italian leather and brass rivet flip-flops. With heavy duty stitching around the front for durability and high quality hardware securing the toe thong, these should last you more than a few summers. Available online in black and brown color ways for $98.

Head over to the Apolis website to check out all of the other cool products they offer–from beanies to candles, they have quite the selection. It’s always cool to see a socially motivated lifestyle brand trying to make a difference by empowering communities around the world. They have this notion of a human story involved with all of their products and it makes each item seem just a little more special.

images from apolisglobal.com

By Tom Caruso

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