What’s New from Lüm-Tec for 2013


Lüm-Tec has put a page up on their website showing off the new models they have coming for 2013, and there are some very cool looking watches coming down the pike.

Lum-Tec Abyss 600M

First off is the very cool no-nonsense Abyss 600M. There is a lot to like about the looks of this piece. Large hands, oversized numerals, big crown; it just oozes cool. By the name one can tell the water resistance rating: 600M. The watch clocks in at 48mm with 24mm lugs and is powered by the Citizen Miyota 9015 movement. There are four variations in dials and cases and each is limited to a run of 150. Pre-order price right now is between $675 and $702 depending on the model. These prices will all go up by about $124 when they are generally released. Save some cash and jump on one now.

Lum-Tec new 300M Models

Next up are some new looks for the 300M diver series. There will be two new dial lume colors with each in two sizes, 40mm and the XL 45mm. Each size will have a stainless watch with blue lumed markers and a PVD with orange markers. Any of the four options look great and would be a perfect dive watch, whether in or out of the water. As with the 600M, the watches are powered by the Miyota 9015. Pre-order will run you between $760 and $803 depending on the model. Again, prices will rise once available.

Lum-Tec "G" Series

Another model that caught my eye was the “G” series of instrument panel style watches. These watches have a 45mm square case with rounded corners, a nice big crown and 24mm lugs. The hands are big and beefy and clearly super easy to read. It looks like they will have nine options available in a variety of dial colors and case styles, each designed by G1, G2, etc. up to G9. Inside these models is the Swiss quartz Ronda 515 movement. Prices here will set you back $454 and $480 for the pre-orders. These too will go up when they are released.

In this next pair of watches Lüm-Tec has chosen some alternative case materials. Their Combat model is being updated with a CuSn8 bronze case, which frequently has been used in dive watches in several brands. Lüm-Tec has gone another route and used the material on a pilot watch instead. The bronze looks great on this Miyota 9015 powered watch and as it ages and develops some patina it should provide a very unique look. The other interesting material is cobalt. The M63 – M66 models are using a cobalt chromium case for 2013, which provides a very strong and scratch resistant surface. The material is said to have the look of platinum and is highly polished. the watches are available in the standard 40mm size and the 44mm XL size. Again Lüm-Tec is using the increasingly popular Miyota 9015 movement in these cobalt watches. The pre-order prices are under $1,000 USD.

There are a few more new ones coming from Lüm-Tec, so to see the full spread of the above and other new release, and to pre-order if so inclined, pop over to their website.

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