Wind^Up Watch Fair 2017 Recap

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Wind^Up 2017 came and went in a flash, but wow, it was an amazing time. Our biggest show to date, Wind^Up 2017 featured 34 brands in the center of Chelsea Market in NYC. About 15,000 attendees came through the show in the 3-days we were open, creating an energetic atmosphere where watches were at the center of everyone’s attention.

This year, we saw a real spike in you, our readers and watch enthusiasts, who came for the whole weekend, hung out, talked to brands, talked to us, maybe picked up a watch (or two, or three) and just made it a really wonderful experience. If there was one underlying goal for Wind^Up in general, a goal that is more intangible than traffic and sales, it’s to create a watch fair that fosters relationships between brands and enthusiasts. A fair that is open and friendly, where attendees can explore this weird and amusing hobby of ours and talk with like minded individuals. We’re pretty sure this year nailed it, and that’s thanks to everyone who made the trip to attend the show.

Oris Chronoris Date
The Crowd forms
Autodromo’s well curated spread
The center aisle of booths
New Van Brauge Divers
Trying out a strap
Tools and tool watches from MKII
Talking Watches
Jason of Halios making watches
Lots of talking

Of course, thanks to the brands who came from around the world to show their wares (full list here). We had a very diverse group this year aesthetically. Once again, we have to thank our sponsors for helping make the show possible in the first place. This year, and the previous two, Oris has stepped up to be our lead sponsor. One of the oldest and largest brands at the fair, they illustrate what an independent watch brand can grow to be. Next, we have our featured sponsors; Autodromo, MKII and Van Brauge. Three diverse brands that are at the tops of their respective games.

It’s not a watch fair without some vintage. Those Watch Guys’ spread
Crown & Buckle
The new Ophion
Hawthorne had a little Halloween spirit
The incredible blue enamel of Lundis Bleus
Farer in proper form
The radial engine dialed Tockr
Baltic, in from Paris
Monta on the wrist
Brew watches

To wrap this year up, we’ve put together a video and a gallery of photos that should give anyone who couldn’t make the Fair a taste of what the show was like, and anyone who did, a touch of nostalgia. Enjoy, and we hope to see you all at the next Wind^Up Watch Fair!

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