Windup Watch Fair San Francisco 2019: Meet the Brands Part 3

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It’s hard to believe that Windup Watch Fair San Francisco is less that one week away! If you haven’t done so yet, then mark your calendars — the fair is taking place April 26-28 at 459 Geary St. We’ve got an exciting lineup with a little bit of something for everyone, so whether you’re a long-time watch geek or a first-time watch buyer, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

In Part 3 of our Meet the Brands roundup, we’ll go over some of the other great vendors making this year’s show possible. And in case you missed it, click here for Part 1 and here for part 2.


With their range of sports watches, Monta has proven that a luxury timepiece does not need to cost an arm and a leg, with the entirety of Monta’s catalog offering an exceptional value and solid finishing. Be sure to stop by their booth to check out their latest, the Atlas GMT, one of our top picks from this year’s Baselworld.  Monta

You can listen to our chat with the Monta team here.


Nodus is an up and coming brand out of Los Angeles, and in a very short amount of time they’ve grown quite the following among watch-heads. With their catalog of versatile sports watches like the Contrail and Avalon, they’re bringing together vintage design cues and modern specs at a totally reasonable price point. Now’s your chance to check out the new Contrail SS, which will be available for sale at the show. Nodus


Oak & Oscar

A beloved micro-brand, Oak & Oscar is a small operation based out of Chicago. The brand’s had numerous hits, among them the Burnham, Sandford, and the Jackson. Their latest watch, the Humboldt, is Oak & Oscar’s first non-limited release. If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, now is your chance to see them in the metal. Oak & Oscar

You can listen to our chat with Oak & Oscar’s Chase Fancher here.


Pelton is a young company out of Detroit, Michigan that is owned and operated by Deni Mesanovic. Using his expertise in manufacturing high-end audio equipment here in America, Deni kicked off Pelton with the impressive Perseus and Sector, two high-end watches featuring cases (and in the case of the Perseus, a bracelet, too)  made in Deni’s workshop. Deni has big plans for Pelton, so be sure to visit his booth to chat him up and check out his watches. Pelton

You can listen to our chat with Deni here.


A legendary micro-brand, Raven knows how to make a killer tool watch. If you’ve wanted to check out the Venture II, Trekker, or the Endeavor before plunking down some coin, now is your chance. Oh, and how could we forget? You’ll also be able to check out the Trekker we created in collaboration with Raven. Raven



Based out of California, Seals often blends numerous military and historical references to create watches that are surprisingly unique and easy to wear. Case in point, the Model C Field Explorer shown here, with its quirky dial and unique case design. Check out this watch, as well as the Dark Seal, at Windup Watch Fair. Seals

Unwind In Time

Unwind In Time specializes in the sale and service of Hamilton Electric watches, which are some of the most under-appreciated vintage watches around. Unwind In Time is owned and operated by Jarett Harkness, who took it over from his mentor, the legendary René Rondeau. Basically, if you want to find a solid Electric watch or you have one that needs a trip to the spa, then Unwind In Time is where you need to go. Unwind In Time


Based out of Portland, Oregon, VERO is creating modern, design-focused pieces with American-made cases, dials, and hands, which they produce in-house in their Portland workshop. Their minimal aesthetic sets them apart from other current “American-made” watches, and in the few short years they’ve been operating, VERO has grown by leaps and bounds. You’ll be able to check out their range, including their popular SW collection, at this year’s show. VERO

Listen to our chat with the VERO team here.

Vortic Watch Co.

Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Vortic takes refurbished, antique American pocket watch movements and dials and puts them in American-made, 3D-printed titanium cases. Vortic has also expanded into producing milled titanium cases, which they do in-house, for their Railroad Edition (you can learn more about their impressive operation here). Vortic Watch Company

Listen to our chat with Vortic’s R.T. Custer here.


Zelos has made a name for themselves and built quite the following with unique and at times complex designs that have utilized exotic materials such as Damascus steel and meteorite. Yet, despite the use of these typically high-cost materials, Zelos has maintained a very approachable price point for their watches. Zelos

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