Worn & Wound Presents: Some of Our Favorite Videos

Let’s face it: we’re all looking for things to watch right now. If you’ve already binge-watched (or re-binge-watched) your favorite shows on whatever your preferred steaming platform happens to be and are looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered. 

In this guide, we’re highlighting a selection of some of our favorite Worn & Wound video content. From watch reviews,  manufacturer visits all over the world, and personal watch collecting stories, we’ve done it all, and collected it here.

Of course, this is just a small sample of the video content we’ve made over the years. So be sure to check out the full archive here.

Damasko: A Look Inside the Manufacture 

Fans of Damasko’s peerless tool watches have known for years that the brand produces timepieces at an extremely high quality, and in this video (the first of two) we get an inside look at their facilities in Barbing, Germany, and see firsthand how they manufacture their uncompromising watches. Be sure to check out part 2, focusing specifically on their in-house movements, here.


My Watch: Collecting Seiko Chronographs with WatchRecon’s Sammy Sy 

“My Watch” is a chance to showcase the personal stories behind the watches of some of our favorite collectors and notable personalities in the watch community. Here, WatchRecon’s Sammy Sy takes us through some favorites from his collection of vintage Seiko chronographs, and explains what draws him to these unique and highly varied vintage sports watches.

My Watch: Mario Andretti and the Story of His Yema Rallye

Mario Andretti is, quite simply, one of greatest race car drivers who has ever lived, and it was a real thrill when he shared the story of his Yema Rallye with us last year. Andretti is a true watch guy, and hearing him discuss this watch and how it fits into his amazing life story is a real pleasure.

Review: Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

One of our most popular video reviews is for one of our favorite watches to have been released by a big Swiss brand over the last few years. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is just right in  so many ways, and in this thorough breakdown of the watch, Zach Weiss takes you through just about all of them. If you can watch the nearly 8 minutes of Black Bay footage here and not immediately start hunting for one on the forums, your willpower is truly exceptional.

#WhichWatchWednesday: Nomos Metro neomatik 39 Silvercut VS Nomos Orion 38 Datum

Which Watch Wednesday is an old favorite with a simple concept: we present two similar watches, talk about their common traits and differences, and ask our readers and viewers to pick a favorite. It’s a great way to spark a thoughtful debate, and we love examining how watches are related to one another in sometimes unexpected ways. In this Which Watch Wednesday clip, Zach Weiss examines two watches from Nomos that represent very sides of the German brand, but still share quite a bit of DNA.

How To Change a Watch Strap by Worn & Wound

If you’re new to watches, or just need a refresher (maybe you’re getting ready for summer and want to swap out that leather for a something more breathable) be sure to take a look at this short clip that explains that most common bit of watch surgery we can all do at home: changing a strap. We’ll be honest, there are lots of videos on the internet that explain how to do this, and once you get the hang of it, it’s not rocket science. But we like the close-up videography and straightforward explanations on how both sides of strap changing tool work in this tutorial, so be sure to share with friends who have yet to master those precision strap changing moves.

The Clockwerk 3D-Printed Triple-Axis Tourbillon by Adam Wrigley

If you’ve always wanted to experience a tourbillon, but don’t have upwards of six figures to spend on a watch, Adam Wrigley has an interesting option for you. He designed a functioning triple-axis tourbillon that can be 3D printed, and he’s giving away the schematics for free. For the cost of materials, you can have working, oversized tourbillon of your own, that’s totally appropriate as a desk accessory or accent in your home.

Wind-Up: NYC Panel 2015

This nearly 40 minute panel discussion was recorded during the inaugural Wind-Up Watch Fair the fall of 2015. Moderated by Zach Weiss and featuring Jonathan Ferrer of Brew Watches, Bradley Price of Autodromo, Angela Beebe of Oris, Thilo Mühle of Mühle Glashütte and Andi Felsi of Horage, it’s a fascinating discussion to look at after five years of changes of changes in the watch industry.

Citizen Nighthawk Review

This early review shows how far Worn & Wound’s video content has come – just compare and contrast it to Zach’s review of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight above. But even though the production values have improved in the years since we ran this review of the Citizen Nighthawk, the commitment to providing a platform for a serious discussion of affordable watches is, we think, as strong as ever (we even covered the latest version of the Nighthawk, a value driven favorite, right here just a few months ago).


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