worn&wound 2014 Retrospective


Well, 2014 has come and gone, and I dare say it was our best year yet! We’ve continued our mission of being the premier voice for accessibly priced and beautifully designed watches on the web, and if our increased readership, close to 20k followers on Instagram and 50,000+ followers on Facebook are any clue, we’re doing a good job. We’ve covered new brands, old brands, wildly affordable pieces and a few to add to the grail list. We ran a lot more content on vintage watches, brought style more to the front, started doing monthly Round-Tables and chatted with a few of the people behind some of our favorite cult brands. We also continued to develop quality, American-made products available from shop.wornandwound.com, including the wildly successful Model 2.

So, it’s been a great year and to end it, here are 12 articles to reread from 2014. This year I turned to the stats and chose the most viewed articles per month, giving a nice spread. Enjoy, have a great New Years and we’ll see you in 2015! Oh, and let us know in the comments what you’d like to see more of next year.

January 2014: Sinn 356 Review


February 2014: Introducing Aevig Watches


March 2014: Hands-On with the Max Bill Watches by Junghans


April 2014: A Guide to Rugged Solar and Kinetic Watches


May 2014: Lüm-Tec 600M Hands-On


June 2014: Squale 50 Atmos Ref 1521 Review


July 2014: Marathon General Purpose Mechanical Review


August 2014: Orient Bambino FER2400BW0 Review


September 2014: Interview with Spencer Klein – Watchmaker and Seiko Specialist


October 2014: Autodromo Stradale Review


November 2014: Guide to Winterizing Boots


December 2014: JDM Seiko: 5 Seiko Watches You Really Want

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