w&w Instagram Round-Up with a Trio of Polerouters, a Glycine Airman and More

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We’re back with another Instagram round-up featuring our 10 favorite watch snaps you guys brought to our attention. This week we have some great picks, from a beautiful trio of Universal Genève Polerouters to a rugged IWC Doppelchronograph. But before we get to the watches, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and tagged #wornandwound and #wandwshop this past week. Don’t forget to follow the rules below to be considered for the next one.

Also, follow the @shop_wornandwound account to see our full selection of American-made straps and watch accessories. We’ve got some great stuff coming in 2017.

To be featured, the rules are simple:
a. Follow us on Instagram.
b. Include the hashtags #wornandwound and #wandwshop, or tag us at @wornandwound.
c. Post a watch related photo. It doesn’t have to be a watch on your wrist, but watches should be at the core of the image.
d. Be awesome (naturally).

spin_transistor - IWC 3711 doppelchronograph
@spin_transistor – IWC 3711 doppelchronograph
rlj_dk - Omega Seamaster Chronograph
@rlj_dk – Omega Seamaster Chronograph
yohanesandrechristian - UG Polerouter
@yohanesandrechristian – a trio of Polerouters
watchyoda - Omega Seamaster 300 vintage
@watchyoda – vintage Omega Seamaster 300
watchesandscoth - Omega Squale Autodromo
@watchesandscoth – another trio, this time from Omega, Squale and Autodromo
nywatchguy - Heuer 1000 diver
@nywatchguy – Heuer 1000 diver
mochimuachi - Glycine Airman dc 4
@mochimuachi – Glycine Airman DC 4
jrwong23 - JLC Reverso Rouge
@jrwong23 – JLC Reverso Rouge
czendejas74 - Oris Big Crown Timer
@czendejas74 – Oris Big Crown Timer
aguytowatch - Dornbluth & Sohn Regulator
@aguytowatch – Dornbluth & Sohn Regulator
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