Zelos Watches Introduces The Chroma


It is becoming a more familiar story these days to see new brands launch on a crowdfunding platform, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and then continue to use that platform for subsequent models as well. It’s a good gauge of how successful or not a design might be and a good way to get sales started right away. Zelos Watches is one of those brands who got their start on Kickstarter and is now continuing to use the platform with their next release.

As a reminder, earlier in 2014 Zelos launched with The Helmsman on Kickstarter. The Helmsman was their take on the modern dive watch and was offered in a number of finishes with prices ranging from $340-$530 USD, during the funding campaign. (Of course worn&wound covered The Helmsman which you can re-review here). The Helmsman was a polarizing watch: people either loved it or hated it, there was little in between. With their next release, the Chroma, Zelos is hoping to capture even more of that love than they did the first time around.


The Chroma was designed from the start to be a clean, minimal watch, which is achieves through it’s simple dial and non-date layout. The dial contains no numbers, only stick markers, no date window and only a single “Z” logo at 12 o’clock. The dial is layered with an inner bezel that tapers up from the dial to the crystal and has the hour markers cut into it. It is somewhat reminiscent of an inverted pie pan design like those found on vintage Omegas.

A second dial option is also available with a fan-shaped cut away revealing the movement underneath. It retains the raised inner bezel but adds a very cool look to the watch. Also very cool is the machined case that has rings cut into the side of the case. They go all the way around as there are no standard lugs to interfere with the pattern. Instead the case has hidden lugs on the underside of the watch. The case uses a mix of brushed and polished finishes provide contrast to the different surfaces.


The Chroma will have two different Miyota movements depending on the dial choice. The standard Miyota 8215 will be in the solid-dial model, and the Miyota 8N24 (PDF specs) in the skeleton model. The cases are 42mm and 11mm high with standard 20mm hidden lugs and will be in stainless or PVD finishes. The crystal on the front is sapphire and the case back is refered to as a “see through caseback”. Each of the offered designs in the standard dial will have a limited run of 200 while the skeleton variations will have 100 of each design.


As of this article Zelos already has more than double their requested pledge funding. The campaign is scheduled to end October 29, 2014 so there is still time to get in on the project. Available pledge options start at $249 CAD/$224 USD for a Chroma in your choice of color and $299 CAD/$268 USD for the Skeleton model. These are about $100 savings over the future retail prices. If you think Zelos has a hit you can cruise over to their Kickstarter page and get in on the Chroma for yourself.

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