Zenith Reveals Online-Only A386 Ecommerce Edition

Ok, let’s get it out of the way – this watch is called the “Ecommerce Edition”, and yeah, that’s a bit odd. To be fair, Zenith has an “online boutique” through which this watch is exclusively available. Most importantly, it’s a pretty sharp watch, which forgives a lot. This is the new A386 Ecommerce Edition built within the new Chronomaster Original collection, serving as the successor to the original model released in 1969. That means a steel 38mm case, pump pushers, and oversized tri-color registers.

Zenith launched their new Chronomaster Original A386 earlier this year with a trio of watches in steel and gold, offering a first look at the El Primero 3600 in this case (first seen in regular use on the Chronomaster Sport). This movement brings a 1/10th of a second timing precision to the chronograph, which beats at 5Hz (36,000 VpH is even labeled on the dial). In use, timing happens within the familiar (iconic?) tri-color registers appearing in shades of grey and blue. They overlap a bit, just as the original did, and for the first time, these colors are extended to the chapter ring at the dial’s edge. 

View of the El Primero 3600 via the Chronomaster Original A386

Just as the registers divide the minute and hour totalizers, and running seconds into three colors, the scale at the perimeter is split into the same three colors and should help in getting a read on the exact division of the second you happen to be timing. Assuming your reflexes are up for the challenge, of course. The overall effect is subtle and doesn’t distract from the registers themselves, but does seem to be a practical addition to the watch as a whole. This still looks and feels like an A386 at a glance, and that’s a good thing.

The case remains the same 38mm in diameter as the original released in 1969, and received a radial brush at the top of the lug with a polished chamfer defining their shape. The case walls are fully polished, and pair well with the light grey calfskin strap that gets its own colorful stitch. 

There is no mention of this being a limited edition, but again, it will be available exclusively through the brand’s e-commerce channel, the online boutique, if you like. Pricing is set at $8,400, and while I haven’t seen the caseback I’ll just assume they haven’t etched “Ecommerce Edition” around the exhibition window. Zenith.

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