Zenith, Revolution & The Rake Revisit the A3818 With New Airweight Cover Girl

After a week of teasers, Revolution & The Rake are introducing a new collaboration with Zenith, that revisits the same A3818 “Cover Girl” we saw them release back in 2020. The latest variant is called the “The Airweight Cover Girl” and it places the same brilliant blue dial within the confines of a titanium case and bracelet. It weighs just 78.3 grams, rightfully earning the Airweight title with which it’s been bestowed. The same great dial, case shape, and movement remain. If you missed out on the first one, it might have been for the better. 

As Mr. Kazan explained with the first collab launched, the Zenith A3818 picked up its ‘Cover Girl’ moniker from having appeared rather prominently on the cover of Manfred Rössler’s book, Zenith: Swiss Watch Manufacture Since 1865 about, well, all things Zenith. The blue dial and ‘shark tooth’ hashes between each minute made for a dramatic presence that captured Zenith’s tendency to push boundaries in unexpected ways. Now, more than 50 years later, they still have a pretty rad effect.


The Airweight A3818 gets a grade 5 titanium case with the same finishing you’d find on the steel model. This isn’t the first time this case has been rendered in titanium, as the Chronomaster ‘Shadow’ claims that honor, but this is the first time it gets a matching titanium ladder bracelet. The Gay Frères design is familiar, but to set it apart from the steel variant it receives a polished center link. A Blue Cordura effect rubber strap is also included for good measure. 

As you’d expect, the same El Primero 400 automatic movement remains at use within. It’s a movement and case profile we’ve discussed at length around here. If you’re a fan of the Zenith Revival series of watches you’ll likely find a lot to love here. If not, this is a dial and material pairing you’d probably welcome over in the Chronomaster Original case, perhaps even paired with an El Primero 3600. 

The Zenith X Revolution & The Rake A3818 Airweight Cover Girl will be limited to 250 examples, representing a healthy bump from the mere 100 examples of 2020’s steel example, which sold out rather quickly. Pricing is set at $10,400, and the watch is available to order now directly from Revolution.

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