Zodiac Adds a White Ceramic Super Sea Wolf to the Collection in Three Bold Colorways

At the end of last year, Zodiac introduced a new ceramic version of their popular Super Sea Wolf dive watch. The stealthy black diver put a new, contemporary spin on a platform that’s existed for almost as long as dive watches themselves, and felt like a natural evolution of the Sea Wolf line. After all, plenty of brands are using ceramic these days – it’s a worthy material by any measure and makes a lot of sense for sports watches in particular, given its light weight and resistance to scratches and wear. Now, Zodiac has introduced a follow up, a ceramic Super Sea Wolf in a crisp white with brightly colored dials, just in time for the true dog days of summer. 


These watches play into a tried and true formula that has served Zodiac remarkably well over the last years, which is to lean into bold colors layered over their classic dive watch design. The new white ceramic watches will be available in three variants: dark blue, lime green, and a silver and orange watch that feels like a nod to their popular “Sherbet” GMT from a few years ago. All of the dials have a subtle sunburst finish and the traditional rectangular hands and hour markers that are common to the Super Sea Wolf line.

The case construction is the same as last year’s black ceramic model, which means these watches have what is essentially a ceramic shell that is fit over a steel core. The white color of the case and bezel makes for a great complement to the bold dial colors and accents, and immediately places these watches into a summery state in one’s mind. They measure 41mm in diameter and 13.2mm tall. That’s slightly larger than a standard Super Sea Wolf, a result of the layered case construction. They’re fully water resistant to 200 meters, and are powered by the STP 1-11 automatic movement with chronometer certification. 

The new trio of Super Sea Wolf watches in white ceramic are on sale now via Zodiac’s website, with a retail price of $1,795. If you missed it, be sure to check out Thomas Calara’s review of the black version right here. Zodiac

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