Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Collab Gets Meteorite Dial

We’ve seen Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf take many forms in recent years, from the demure, to the downright crazy (awesome). The watch seems to take to any theme rather well, though we definitely prefer it with a bit of color. One thing we haven’t seen it take is a meteorite dial. Until now, that is. All it took was a collaboration with watches.com. Meet the new Super Sea Wolf Meteorite, a watch with the too-good-to-miss tagline, “where time meets space”. It’s still the same Super Sea Wolf diver we know and love, with a decidedly unique flavor that works surprisingly (well, not that surprisingly) well. 

The Super Sea Wolf Meteorite gets a gray and orange color scheme that keeps the focal point as close to the dial as possible. The 40mm steel case and bracelet are DLC gray, and the bezel insert itself is gray on the base layer with orange accents to call out the first 15 minutes indexed. That orange is carried through to the chapter ring at the outskirts of the dial, framing the dark gray slice of meteorite at the center. Even the hour surrounds are rendered in gray to stay on theme.


The meteorite section itself looks as distinct as you’d imagine, and each will obviously be unique in its pattern. Zodiac is using pieces crafted from a genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite, the first fragments of which were discovered in 1906 in the village of Kitkiöjärvi near the border between Sweden and Finland. This is one of the oldest discovered impacted meteorites at around a million years ago during the Quaternary Period. And now, you can walk around with a small slice of it on your wrist. 

Inside the 13.9mm thick case you’ll find the STP 1-11 automatic movement, which is mercifully sans date complication, ceding the floor to that beautiful meteorite texture. A detail I wish more brands would take note of when going through the trouble to create a beautiful dial. 

Overall I think the meteorite color and texture suit the Super Sea Wolf rather well, particularly with the gray and orange motif Zodiac has chosen for the rest of the watch. Just 182 examples are planned for production at the price of $1,795. The watch is available from both Zodiac watches and their partner for this project, Watches.com.

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