Zodiac Olympos Gets New Ocean BlueColorway

The Zodiac Olympos is based on a design from the early ‘60s by the same name, and the unique case and dial work just as well today as they did back then within the formal section of Zodiac’s modern catalog. This week, the Olympos takes a step in a slightly different direction thanks to a new colorway that feels a bit closer to the sporty chic realm than it does the dressy realm. The unique design handles the transition surprisingly well, and has us wondering just how far you could take it. At any rate, this newest colorway is a welcome addition to one our favorite sleeper collections out there. 

The new Olympos gets a rich blue dial that’s subtly split into four quadrants, each getting a grain brush finish that catches a lot of light on rotation. The teal (turquoise?) accents are an unexpected detail that elevate the colorway as a whole, and provide a very different feeling compared to the existing black and gold colorways. It’s an old watch, but with these colors it feels like it could have been designed yesterday.


The 37mm steel case retains its manta-ray shape, which flares to its widest around the 2 and 10 o’clock markers, with the crown positioned just north of 2 o’clock. The top surface is brushed while the case walls are polished, leaving a 19mm lug span for a blue leather strap.. This is a case shape that appears very different on wrist than it does in images thanks to its well thought out dimensions. At just 10mm thick, this is a rather easy watch to get along with. 

Zodiac is using their STP1-11 automatic movement in this Olympos, which you can learn more about from the Windup Watch Shop’s tour of the STP (Swiss Technology Components) facilities in Switzerland, right here. The movement features 44 hours of reserve and should keep you within +/- 20 seconds per day of accuracy. 

The Zodiac Olympos joins the existing brown, gold, and black colorways, and will remain the same $895. More from Zodiac.

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