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Yeah, the 39mm case on the Seawolf is pretty perfect. #womw #wornandwound

1025vintage @jmastinef reissue.
About 23 hours ago
dagbert They really nailed the perfect dimensions on these reissues.
About 21 hours ago
j0nathanp77 @wornandwound Couldn't agree more about the 39mm case wearability
About 20 hours ago
bcshadd Triangle, triangle, triangle, square. Stupid date window.
About 18 hours ago
evan_jax @pelican_skeleton
About 17 hours ago

Breaking news! @chriswardlondon Released their first supercomplication; a monopusher chronograph, tourbillon, minute repeater! If that's not crazy enough, it will be under $10k! http://bit.ly/C90000 #wornandwound

bcshadd I hate this day.
About 24 hours ago
mandimemikelee @wornandwound not cool guys, not cool!
About 23 hours ago
mr_sundstrom Just wow!! Amazing!!!
About 23 hours ago
jprleite Primeiro de abril @fernandorudgeleite
About 23 hours ago
jercatasaur @kevshone
About 23 hours ago

Just received a couple @zodiacwatches Sea Wolves for review. #wornandwound

headhooligan @wornandwound - when will manufacture's make watches w/o date windows?!?!?
About 2 days ago
j0nathanp77 Of course I pick the left one.👌 But can't go wrong with either one.
About 2 days ago
tylerwelbron 👆 agreed
About 1 day ago
kasekrainer Left one for sure. The blue bezel dial one looks horrible with ugly hands.
About 19 hours ago
kasekrainer Love the Datejust bracelet.
About 19 hours ago

#speedytuesday MK 4.5 #womw #wornandwound

yuanpratama Hmmm
About 2 days ago
bader_mohd Sweet piece
About 2 days ago
kraigseder Beautiful Omega
About 2 days ago
abgcyclist @fiqqnco @joshua_parkie saw this in person before and i think im gonna aim for this. 😍
About 2 days ago
mrjsander I got one for sale in London if anyone is interested. Send email to john.sander@me.com for more info.
About 2 days ago

Today on w&w @ryvini shows us the new StuckX Bullhead chrono concepts, including both meca-quartz and mechanical options using the NE88 movement. http://bit.ly/stuckx-bull #wornandwound

jablock Very compelling. Nicely done!
About 3 days ago
vintagediver That's bad ass. And I agree with @chili_reyno that the lack of writing on the dial is fantastic.
About 3 days ago
lactardjosh It's a statement for sure
About 3 days ago
talonwatches @vtcwatches
About 2 days ago
_smt @caleb.kay sporty + quite minimalist look uh?!
About 2 days ago

Helson today #womw #wornandwound

thebalancewheel homage or not, that's hot.
About 3 days ago
brucewonder My favorite piece from helson
About 3 days ago
kaiherngl @jonificator kanphua swee
About 3 days ago
astrini @colinzkho
About 3 days ago
ozzygibbons 👌
About 3 days ago

Sunday with the Sinn 157 Titanium on a #wornandwound Russet Model 2 #wandwshop #womw #madeinnyc

turgut.turan.737 Super I want same one too
About 4 days ago
mario_ob55 @kellyn323
About 4 days ago
ericshawgreen Is this made in nyc? I don't think that's accurate
About 4 days ago
wornandwound @ericshawgreen our straps are, the watch is German
About 4 days ago
knightofbostonia @rosco458
About 4 days ago

Waxed Tan Canvas and Black Essex Horween watch rolls will be back in stock soon. #wornandwound #wandwshop #AmericanMade

michaelriela Looking forward to it! 👌
About 4 days ago

@autodromomedia Prototipo today #womw #wornandwound

kangcore I love the way this watch looks, but the odd case-strap ratio is a bit of a deal breaker 😢
About 5 days ago
neotrooper It may look a bit less jarring with a flared bund-strap @kangcore ?
About 5 days ago
kangcore @neotrooper Hmm, cant quite visualise that but might work. Anyways I've pretty much maxed out my watch budget this year 😥
About 5 days ago
kepz @shawnthesbs
About 5 days ago
seveneigh8si6 @prince8000
About 5 days ago

Today on w&w @vintagediver shows us some of the new @bulova #baselworld2015 offerings http://bit.ly/bulova-bw15 #womw #wornandwound

jimpin95 @ckpinard
About 6 days ago
ozzygibbons Nice
About 6 days ago
phpiffer @larir 😱
About 6 days ago
johnpryoriii @scotharrell
About 6 days ago
zizo___17 👌
About 4 days ago

Chrono-matic today #womw #wornandwound

barfett @wornandwound I was really hoping for a reissue of this at BaselWorld. I was actually pretty disappointed with Hamilton this year and they are one of my favourite (affordable) brands. Although I did like the Khaki Field WWII, everything else left me feeling unimpressed. How did you feel about their baselworld offerings?
About 6 days ago
mitchell.reed Hard to fight the urge of finding one when you keep posting these kind of pictures. 😃
About 6 days ago
cambambarr @chalexfor
About 6 days ago
aguetradingco @thebugster next time you tag me in a watch photo it better be of a watch you bought! Lol You'd def rock this one because it's beautiful.
About 6 days ago
petershin I bought my panda yesterday. It needs a strap tho.
About 6 days ago

Switch up to the Universal Geneve Polerouter #womw #wornandwound

kidwizzle NICE.
About 7 days ago
1025vintage 🙌 very nice
About 7 days ago
getrennt Would you sell?
About 7 days ago
hennawy92 @_kisho
About 7 days ago
wornandwound @getrennt nope! Sorry, I like this one way too much.
About 7 days ago

The #Lange #Datograph movement. As seen on a wrist tonight at #redbarcrew. #redbargroup #AtomMooreMacro #loupesystem


Some socially acceptable quilting @lululemonmen 's outer shell #Dialed #QuietConfidence #WakeUp

stylecompany #menwithstyle #menswear #ootd #mensfashion #fashion #love #TFLers #photooftheday #amazing #smile #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #girl #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #all_shots #follow #colorful #style
About 10 minutes ago

Pilots. Boom. #redbarcrew #iwc #topgun #bigpilot #perpetualcalendar #moonphase #hamilton

alans_gear 👌👌
About 7 minutes ago
man.cave.clem Holy how big is that Hamilton?!?! 😳
About 6 minutes ago

How's this for a little inspiration? My mom on the left, at age 23(ish) two smart women who have remained friends for over 40 years. Ladies unite! #tbt

careymelnichuk @andrea_chartier Love it!
About 3 minutes ago
j.aileen this is so cute ❤ @chimichangita_ @nathalie.roman
About 3 minutes ago
kiranmann @varunachoudhry that'll be us
About 3 minutes ago
dianacub @jennifermroma us
About 3 minutes ago
ignorantwords_ Over 40 years this will be us 👭 @typicalexcuses
About 3 minutes ago

#snprleatherworks #snprstraps #SNPR #hermannoak #toolingleather #leatherwork #custom #watchuseek #watchreport #watchcollector #watch #watchporn #timepiece #wis #womw #wristy #vintagewatchstraps


Putting it together like chocolate and peanut butter in this owner's pic/#Repost from @mger666 ・・・ Went with this combo today! #orthos #microwatches #practicalwatch #wristi #affordablewt #affordablewatch #sartorial #mensfashion #menswatch #watchesforsale #watchfam


One of three. Werd. #redbarcrew #jaegerlecoultre #reverso #nyc

jakesolo @dannybondy @eazzyflow 😮
About 32 minutes ago
vahanavagyan Nice!
About 25 minutes ago

The #redbarcrew morale department. #selfie #celfie #selfiestick

craniotes Boom.
About 40 minutes ago

Another owner's pic showing a great #Acionna and #natostrap pairing in this #Repost from @darkshizzle ・・・ One more day with the Acionna today. #natonation #womw #wotd #watch #watchesofinstagram #watchgeek #watchfreak #watchporn #watchidiot #watchnut #watchnerd #automaticwatch #mechanicalwatch #praticalwatch #microwatches #Acionna #nato #natostrap


Food pairing you said? Enjoy By 04.20.15. #craftbeer #craftbeerlife #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beeradvocate #drinkingcraft #beerpublic #craftbeerd #pizza

fishyvee Yum! 😍
About 37 minutes ago
_eli81 Dat calamari tho 👍👍🍻
About 21 minutes ago

Case details on the @bremontwatches MB-II and the new U-22. Thanks to @mikepearson6 and @bremontnick for coming by tonight. Always great to talk watches with these excellent gentleman. #redbarcrew #redbargroup #AtomMooreMacro #loupesystem


Great building #kl