Hands-on with the Kent Wang Art Deco

Before getting into Kent Wang’s new Art Deco watch, one first needs to know two things…obviously, who and what is Kent Wang, and what is the Art Deco period. Kent Wang is a brand named after its founder. KW got its start in 2007 when Mr. Wang, frustrated by the lack of well-priced pocket squares, [...]

Suigeneric Straps

It’s hard to argue against the appeal of NATO straps. Their utility has made them a staple with most watch-enthusiasts, and if you’re anything like me, then you have at least a dozen of them tucked away somewhere. 

A Guide to Rugged Solar and Kinetic Watches

Of course there’s nothing like a finely tuned auto and the sense that your watch is powered purely from the motion you provide. Well, stop romanticizing watches for a moment.

W&W Horween Model 1s are Back!

We are very excited to announce that our Model 1 watch straps are back in stock and better than ever.

Benarus Sea Snake Review

Benarus stands out from the pack of boutique tool dive watches with designs that tend to be more unique and perhaps divisive. A perfect example of this is the last watch of theirs we reviewed, the Megalodon 500. This dual crown diver has some of the most extreme looks of any watch we’ve looked at.

Interview with Steve Laughlin of Benarus Watches

It’s no secret that the Worn&Wound staff has enjoyed the watches created by Raven and Benarus, as well as their accessories division Suppa Parts. The affiliated companies (by partners Steve Laughlin and Ralf Schreiner) are known for watches that draw from past designs as well as looks that are very original.

A Look at the Oris Caliber 110

Oris is one of those brands that does things their own way.  They’re independently owned for a start, and have been since Paul Cattin and Georges Christian turned up in Hölstein to found a watch factory in 1904.  But there’s always been a sense that they’re independent of thought too.