10 Years of Autodromo: A Video Conversation with Bradley Price

A couple of weeks back, we took a quick road trip up the Hudson to Autodromo’s HQ. After some general watch nerdery and lunch, Bradley Price, the founder of Autodromo, and I sat down for a conversation about the brand, and the 10 year-long journey so far. This is a journey that Worn & Wound has closely covered, as we’ve been following the brand since its first launch (apologies for the old format, that was back in 2012!), we’ve reviewed just about everything they’ve ever made, we’ve had Bradley on the podcast a handful of times, we’ve made three collaborations together (including the recent Prototipo), and we just stay in touch on a regular basis.

Bradley Price
The new Group B Aqua
The Intereuropa Copperstate
The Monoposto Chrono
The Ford GT Owner’s Watch
A Couple of Vic Elfords and a Heuer Monza
The Vallelunga Chronograph

Please enjoy the video below, and grab some popcorn as it’s a long one. As for Autodromo, well, they have an exciting 10 years and more in front of them starting with today’s release, the Group B Series 2 Aqua. Autodromo

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