Watch I Wear When: I Bike

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We’re really excited to introduce a new recurring series on worn&wound, Watch I Wear When, and this time around we’re going to rely on you, the reader, to provide us with the content.  The idea is simple; what watch do you wear when you…fill in the blank? Whether its traveling, diving, cooking or working, each month we’re going to pick a subject and ask worn&wound readers to provide photos and a few words about your favorite watch for the occasion.

This month we want to know what watch you wear when you’re out on your bike.  And don’t forget to tell us about your gear.  Do you ride a fixie or a road bike?  Can’t live without your RockShox?  Tell us about it.  This is your chance to show the world your rig for the task at hand.

For our first Watch I Wear When, James has put together a couple of photos and a rundown of his favorite watch to bike with, his Casio G-Shock GX-56, to give everyone an example to work from.

So take notes!  This is how it works. Read on, and don’t forget to send us your biking photos and stories for next month’s post.  All Watch I Wear When submissions can be sent to [email protected].  And don’t forget to sign up for worn&wound’s email list to receive updates about future Watch I Wear When topics.

James: Casio G-Shock GX-56

When I know I am going to be taking hard hits, sweating profusely or have the possibility of getting some scratches on a watch, I go for a tough watch. My tough watch of choice is a Casio G-Shock GX-56.

Constructed of anti-microbial rubber, and with an encased timing module inside more plastic than I have ever seen on a digital, I know this watch will get through anything. Its also easy to read with reversed LCD lettering that has a black background and light letters. This LCD format is perfect for high light situations.

I ride downhill, so my rides are short but the falls are hard. Having a watch that can take a beating is very important.  I ride mainly in San Diego which can get hot during some parts of the summer and it is always very bright. The easily washed GX-56 is nice to be able to clean with a rinse of water and the screen is really easy to read it the always sunny weather.

My bike of choice is a Santa Cruz Driver 8. Typically I wear a thin Troy Lee Design glove that can easily fit under the heft of the GX-56.

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