5 Affordable Dive Watches That Aren’t the Seiko SKX007

When looking into an affordable dive watch, the Seiko SKX007 is guaranteed to come up more than a few times. It totally makes sense why. The 007 has a rock-solid set of specs, classic Seiko looks, and true ISO dive certification. On top of all that, it also looks great on a variety of straps thanks to the versatile black/white/steel color scheme. You can easily pick one up from a ton of different retailers, and the pre-owned market is strong, too. These are all great reasons to buy an SKX007 — unless, of course, something about it doesn’t mesh well with your taste in watches. That’s why today we’re looking at five awesome alternatives to the Seiko SKX007. All of our picks have distinctly different looks and features, but are around the same price. 

Orient Mako USA II

The Mako USA II (reviewed here) is a feature-packed diver that was created with help from the watch community. When asked what they could improve, Orient added a sapphire crystal, solid-end-linked bracelet, and improved lume on the dial. Building on what was already an impressive base, the Mako USA II represents one of the best dive watches in its price range. At 41.5 millimeters wide with a height of 13 millimeters, the watch has some presence on the wrist, but wears smaller than the specs imply. Color options include a steel base with either a stark white, deep blue, or jet black dial. Priced just a bit over $300 (keep an eye out for coupon codes), the Mako II is a great competitor to the SKX007 that gives a different look and feel for a similar price. 

Check it out here


Seiko SBEP00X “Digi Tunas”

Taking things in a different direction is the Seiko SBEP00X line of “Digi Tunas.” It loosely borrows from the case design of the iconic Tuna diver, but Seiko has transformed the watch into something distinctly different. The shrouded case holds a solar powered digital movement with negative display. Additional features like world time, programmable alarms, a stop watch, and an on-screen battery indicator all bring some useful functionality to the watch. The predominantly black watches feature some subtle pops of color, whether it be a blue and red Pepsi bezel or some gold hardware. Proper digital dive watches are few and far between, which makes this entry from Seiko such a great choice.

Check them out here

Dan Henry 1970

Dan Henry’s 1970 is a vintage-inspired diver with some interesting features not seen in many watches in its price range. You’ll notice that it’s lacking an external dive bezel. The compressor-inspired case seen on this watch has the timing bezel underneath the crystal running around the outside of the dial. To turn the timer, simply rotate the second crown. A notable feature set rounds out an excellent affordable diver. You’ll appreciate the 200-meter water-resistant stainless steel case, sapphire coated mineral glass with AR, and reliable automatic Seiko NH35 movement inside. The 1970 is available with grey or orange accents in 40 or 44-millimeter sizes — plenty of crowd-pleasing options.

Check it out here (Please note that Windup Watch Shop is Part of Worn & Wound.)

Lorier Neptune

Packed full of vintage diver-inspired charm is the Neptune line from Lorier (read our review of the earlier iteration of the Neptune here). Creators Lorenzo and Lauren Ortega took their favorite elements from vintage divers and combined them all into a cohesive modern watch. Lorier’s goal was to provide everything they wanted to see in a watch — a moderately sized 39-millimeter steel case, 200 meters of water resistance, an acrylic crystal, and an awesome looking tapered bracelet with flat links. The result is a rugged, yet classy watch that wears just as well in the water as it does out. If you want vintage look and feel without the potential hassle, one of these new Loriers might be the watch for you.

Check it out here

Click here for the episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast where we chatted with Lauren and Lorenzo

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E

Featuring a chunkier, more aggressive appearance (and model name) is the Citizen Promaster Diver BN1050-28E. Instead of a mechanical movement inside, there’s an Eco Drive caliber. To charge up the watch, all you have to do is expose it to natural or artificial light and the solar cells take care of the rest. The beefy handset is easy to read in all conditions, thanks to the increased width and application of luminous paint. At 43 millimeters wide, this watch definitely has some wrist presence. The Promaster Diver also has similar specs to the SKX007 like 200 meters of water resistance, a mineral crystal, and a unidirectional dive bezel. Those looking for a low-maintenance watch will appreciate this offering from Citizen.

Check it out here

Runner up: Seiko SKX013

If the only thing holding you back from the SKX007 is its 42-millimeter size, then the SKX013 is the watch for you. This compact diver features a very similar style and feature-set to the 007, but in a 37-millimeter case. On the wrist, it wears much smaller thanks to the decreased diameter and shorter overall height. You’ll notice a few subtle differences like the hand set, tweaked dial, and different bezel, but it ultimately looks and performs like a miniaturized version of the 007.

Check it out here

Do you have a favorite alternative to the Seiko SKX007? Make sure to let us know what it is in the comments below.

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