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If you frequent worn&wound, than you know how much we appreciate a good Seiko.   We’ve reviewed the SNZH53 diver, the SNDA65 chrono and preached the gospel of the SNK series.  Today we’re going to shed some light on the SKX007, a beautiful diver with a cult following.

Just like the other Seiko’s we’ve discussed, the SKX007 has an absurdly low price tag of around $175.  For that you get a trusted Seiko automatic movement with day/date function, a water resistance of 200M, Seiko’s rugged proprietary hardlex crystal and, most importantly, very well executed classic dive styling.  The SKX007 measures 42mm in diameter and 13mm tall, making it suitable for wrists of all sizes.

Spend some time on the watch forums and you’ll learn quickly that watch nerds love the SKX007.  It’s a beautiful watch in its own right, but the SKX007 also provides some of the styling of the much lusted after Rolex Submariner for a fraction of the price.  It’s no wonder that people like them so much.

This cult-like following has also lead to a really fascinating culture of modding the SKX007.  Its amazing to see the work that some watch modders have done with the SKX007, taking a remarkable piece and making it truly unique.  One of my favorite watch modders is Yobokies.  The work he does is really astounding.  Here is one great example where he’s replaced a number of the watch components, including the crystal, dial, bezel and hands.  Here’s another example of a Yobokie modded 007, with a custom smoothed bezel and plongeur hands (pictured below).

MotorCity WatchWorks is another watch modding company that has some really great work.  They offer a range of services that they will perform on the watch of your choosing, and their work on the SKX007 is just amazing.  Here’s an example with their Cerakote ceramic coating in “desert sage”.  Here’s another example where they’ve added lume dots on the chapter ring in addition to adding a ceramic coating to the bezel and case.

There are many examples of awesome SKX007 mods floating around on the watch forums, and I suggest you spend some time checking them out.  And if you’re in the market for an affordable diver, the Seiko SKX007 has to be on your short list of candidates.  The SKX007 is available from for $175.

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