A Closer Look At The Monta Noble – It’s All In The Details

When Monta revealed their all new Noble earlier this year, it was clear that the brand shifted focus to the details. The seemingly simple watch, while handsome at a glance, really comes to life with a closer look. From the thoughtful chamfers, to the brilliant dial execution, there’s a lot to discover with the Noble. In a landscape fraught with derivative designs, as pleasing as they may be, the Noble stands out as a refreshing take on the classic do-it-all watch, showing impressive range from a t-shirt and jeans to black tie formal. Let’s go a little deeper with the Monta Noble.

The reason for the Noble’s flexibility is largely the case design and execution. The mixture of brushed and polished surfaces finds a balance between rugged and refined, while strategically placed chamfers provide an added level of visual weight without taking a toll on the wrist. See the internal lug chamfer for just such an example. The case measures 38.5mm in diameter, which, along with the 9.7mm of thickness, translates to a beautiful fit on the wrist. So while the details make for a visually striking appearance, the dimensions are the unsung hero, making all day wear a breeze. 

A big part of the excellent wearability of the Noble, along with all Monta watches, is the bracelet which houses a quick-adjust clasp. Monta claims that getting the perfect fit has never been easier, and that’s tough to argue with after spending time with one of these bracelets. Along with the standard links, there are half-links and 3 adjustment positions within the clasp, but there’s also the quick-adjust feature which slides in increments of 1.5mm. So whether it’s seasonal change, activity-based, or simply a change in wearing preference, the Monta bracelet has you covered. This feature is standard across the Monta family of watches.

From a visual standpoint, the Noble makes an incredible first impression thanks to the dial, which is offered in silver opaline, and a stunning blue dégradé sunburst. The dials play host to polished and chamfered hands and architectural hour markers. It’s a simple but effective design that gets the balance just right. The date aperture, with dial matched date wheel, sits at 6 o’clock keeping a perfect symmetry. A new Monta logo occupies the top portion of the dial, bringing a degree of sophistication aided by the fully polished bezel framing everything. It’s as attractive as it is practical in terms of legibility, with no compromises being made on the details. 

How did Monta decide on these features? By listening to the community. The St. Louis based brand prides themselves on being an active member of the collecting community, and takes feedback seriously. Rather than pushing their products onto the community, Monta takes the stance of listening to their buyers and providing watches with the features most requested. They make watches the community wants to buy.

To that end, Monta has also made serious strides in creating a robust quality control system, with a team in Switzerland checking each component prior to assembly. The hand manufacturing in Switzerland adds steps to their cutting and polishing procedures to ensure the highest possible quality in the parts that end up on each watch. Additionally, Monta boasts a full time master watchmaker at their St. Louis headquarters, who performs the final QC and ensures that every movement is running +/- 5 seconds/day before the watch is shipped. See the benefits in the rest of the Monta collection, such as the Atlas and the Oceanking in the videos below. 

All of this adds up to a beautifully executed watch that gets the details right. What’s more, you can feel safe that what you’re getting has been thoroughly QC’d and adjusted. Overall, this is a lot of watch for the $1,760 price tag. You can read more about the Noble in this hands-on review from our own Blake Buettner. Learn more about the Noble from Monta right here

In addition to the Noble, Monta offers their take on the classics with watches like the Oceanking, the Atlas, and the Skyquest. Each offer a unique and compelling take on their respective genres thanks to the clean and modern design language Monta has established. Discover each of their collections right here and enjoy the videos highlighting the case and dial work of the Oceanking and Atlas.

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