Hands On With The All New Monta Noble

Monta has made a name for themselves with distinct tool watches like the Atlas and Oceanking, which have won favor with enthusiasts for their well considered dimensions. Absent in their collection has been a formal option, but that changes today with the introduction of the Noble. Bringing a level of measured balance to the sporting identity Monta has established, the Noble features more refined details that will work with a three-piece suit as well as with your finest pair of Levi’s.

The blue dégradé dial of the Noble

Hands On With The All New Monta Noble

316L Stainless Steel
Monta M-22
Blue Dégradé; Silver Opalin
316L Stainless Steel Bracelet
Water Resistance
500 FT/150 M
Lug Width
Screw Down
2 years

We had the opportunity to spend some time with the Noble in both dial color variants, and came away impressed with the finer details put into the watch. The Noble is simple at first glance, with just three hands and a date window placed neatly at 6 o’clock. What is there begs a closer look however, thanks to the multi-faceted and polished surfaces.

Case profile

The dial is offered in white as well as blue dégradé, which offers a subtle yet noticeable fade from light at its center to dark at the dial’s edge. A radial texture overlays the color combining to create a rich experience in the flesh. The hour indices bring a layer of dimension to the dial, as tall, angular structures with polished surfaces and a bar of lume set at their center. They are set into the rehaut and command attention particularly well against the contrasting blue dial. The 12 o’clock index doubles up on the lume and sets the symmetry that is followed by the date window at 6 o’clock, which gets its own polished frame.

Details found on the dial of the Noble

Elsewhere on the dial we are presented with a new take on the Monta logo, which is cleaned up a bit compared with what you’ll find on other models. Above the date we find the “self-winding” and “500ft – 150m” labeling with a generous portion of kerning applied.

The white dial of the Noble

The Noble wears brilliantly thanks to the case dimensions and the fully articulating links that comprise the bracelet. The case is 38.5mm in diameter, and measures just 47mm from lug to lug. Throw in the 9.7mm in case height and it’s clear that this is a watch you may forget you’re wearing until you need to check the time. The fully polished bezel and chamfered lugs (even where they meet the end-links) give some visual heft to the watch, meaning it looks a touch bigger than it will feel on the wrist.

The Monta Noble on wrist

The fully brushed bracelet is the same 316L stainless steel as used for the case, and it uses articulating links to shape more easily around your wrist, whatever its size or shape. The links are also chamfered at their edges to match the case. This creates more surfaces to catch light and registers a visual interest that nearly rivals the head of the watch. Securing everything in place is a fliplock and clasp that houses a quick adjust mechanism. A polished bezel ring pulls attention back to the dial however, orchestrating the small details that you’ll notice the longer you look at the watch.

The clasp and fliplock of the Noble

Within the Noble you’ll find the Monta caliber M-22, beating away in full view through the exhibition caseback. While the Noble is not a limited edition, production will be limited to 200 units for the first 12 months. The Noble can be pre-ordered now through Monta’s new website right here for the price of $1,600 and November delivery. Once the pre-order window closes, the regular price will be $1,760.

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